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IsraelX is a National Online Education Initiative, based on the OpenedX platform, aiming to develop the online learning market in Israel and make academic and vocational content from leading institutions in Israel accessible to the Israeli community of learners, while also providing training and accreditation tracks for the public sector. The goal of project IsraelX, led by the Digital Israel Bureau in partnership with the Council for Higher Education, is to create a comfortable and accessible education system for all citizens in order to reduce socio-economic gaps and encourage economic growth.

We believe that Israel, as the Start-Up Nation and a world leader in innovation and higher education, has a unique opportunity to initiate and lead a digital transformation in the area of online education. Today, Israel is one of four leading nations in the field of hi-tech, its academia is in the top 20 worldwide, and it has the highest concentration of scientists and engineers (per capita) in the world. All of these advantages create the unique potential to leverage technology in order to create an advanced system for learning, compatible with the changing environment of the digital era.

The Digital Israel Bureau, in the Ministry of Social Equality, is a government initiative which aims to harness and to leverage the unique and significant opportunity provided by the digital revolution and the rapid advancement of information and communication technologies, to allow Israel to experience accelerated economic prosperity and social equality; to improve the quality of life for its citizens; and to transform into a smarter, faster government and world leader in this field.

The Council for Higher Education (CHE) is a public, independent and professional statutory corporation, responsible for all issues related to higher education in Israel. The CHE, In particular, sets policy in fundamental issues, ensures the system's academic quality and accredits new institutions and degrees – all while safeguarding academic freedom. The CHE was established by Law in 1958. The PBC – its Planning and Budgeting Committee – was established in a subsequent Government decision from 1977.

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