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Take your game design skills to a new level

XSeries Program in
Introduction to Level Design

What you will learn

  • How level design has evolved, how it contributes to a player’s experience and the different elements it must balance.
  • How to classify the different elements that story-based design and dungeon design incorporate in different game genres.
  • How to recognize the unique characteristics of different game genres, such as platformers, racing games, strategy games and MOBAs.
  • How to evaluate whether a given shooter map is well designed by applying level design concepts and tools.

Do you have a love of video games and a desire to take your creativity and eye for detail to a whole new level?

You may be asking yourself: What does a level designer do? What makes a successful video game level?

The Introduction to Level Design XSeries program will help you answer all these questions. You will be introduced to game development through level design theory, terminology and the development process. You will also learn how to create actions, events and objects in 2D and 3D, and environments that support character development and player experience—all leading to a logical outcome while meeting the objectives of the game.

The program focuses on deconstructing, analyzing and documenting various pre-existing levels from shipped games, as well as designing and building multiplayer and single-player levels in a game engine.

This program is based on the Game Design and VFX School at our LaSalle College Vancouver campus, which has been crowned the #1 undergraduate school in Canada for video game design by the Princeton Review 10 years in a row.

Get ready to take your knowledge to a higher level!

Expert instruction
3 high-quality courses
For the full program experience

Courses in this program

  1. LaSalleX's Introduction to Level Design XSeries Program

  2. Not currently available

    Discover how to create captivating video games with not just your visuals and gameplay, but level design as well.

  3. Not currently available

    Explore the many types of video games and their level design considerations.

  4. Not currently available

    Shooter games have been and continue to be the dominant genre in video games. Learn about this important genre in game design.

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