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Intro to Admissions

Intro to admissions: What to expect from your first conversation

Have you recently decided to advance your professional skills and career by enrolling in a boot camp? This important decision to invest in yourself probably comes with a number of questions. How do you get into a boot camp? What can you do to prepare for the boot camp in order to get the most out of your experience? Who can you go to with your questions and concerns?

Your first phone call with boot camp admissions will offer ample information that can help provide direction and clarify your long-term career goals. They will help you determine whether the boot camp is the right fit for your needs and give you a clear roadmap to plan your educational journey.

Although these calls are productive and helpful, you might feel anxious about the uncertainty that comes with making big, life-changing decisions. If you’re feeling stressed, read through this general overview of what to expect during your call with admissions, which can help you prepare for the types of questions they may ask. 

Speaking with admissions 

Boot camp learners come from a diverse array of backgrounds; some may be professionals looking to enhance their skills in a current role, while others may be looking to transition out of a nontraditional industry. When you speak with admissions, they’ll discuss the core reason why you’re seeking out change, and whether a boot camp can help you take the next step in your career.

Generally, admissions calls last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, and follow a simple structure:

  • Brief introductions: Admissions will ask you about your personal and professional backgrounds to get a better sense of who you are.

  • Learner goals: Admissions will ask you to identify your personal career goals. If you’re not sure of them yet, they will provide a few reflective questions to get you started.

  • Boot camp details: Admissions will provide a comprehensive, high-level overview of the boot camp and its curriculum, and help determine whether you’re a good fit. 

The goal of this initial conversation is simple: get to know you, describe the boot camp, answer any questions you may have, and see if the boot camp is a worthwhile investment based on the information provided during the call. Admissions will break down each aspect of the boot camp — the curriculum, time commitment, financial costs, and potential job opportunities after completion — and help you determine whether the boot camp is your best option.

Some questions admissions typically asks include:

  • What is your current career? Admissions wants to see if your current job relates to the boot camp you’re interested in. If you’re trying to make a career change, they’ll ask you to explain the motivation behind that change.

  • What is your educational background? Though a bachelor’s or master’s degree isn’t mandatory, this question can reveal important information. Admissions may want to learn more about your experience with educational institutions, and whether your prior learning experiences may benefit you in any way.

  • Are you familiar with your field of interest? Admissions doesn’t want you to walk into a boot camp without proper context. They want to know what you know so they can keep you informed.

  • How will this boot camp fit into your career track? How will it help you land your dream career? Admissions wants to ensure a positive outcome. Whether you’re trying to upskill or transform your career entirely, clearly articulating your long-term goals is essential. You may already have a plan in mind. If so, explain it in detail to give admissions a better idea of how you view your professional journey.

  • Why does this boot camp interest you? You might be drawn to the curriculum and its rich foundation of knowledge and practice. Alternatively, you might be seeking unique networking opportunities with other learners and instructional staff. Regardless of your reason, admissions may ask this question to determine whether your aspirations align with the boot camp’s mission and offerings. 

How to prepare for your admissions call 

Admissions calls aren’t formal interviews. Instead, they serve as honest, informative conversations. Try not to worry too much about preparation. You don’t need to bring any background knowledge of boot camps or the topic in question. However, you should be ready to speak about yourself, your experience, and your goals.

The best way you can make the most out of your conversation with admissions is to sit down and do some honest self-reflection. Consider how you might answer general questions about your career goals and what you expect to get out of the boot camp.

Here are four tips to help ensure that your admissions call is successful and productive: 

1. Be honest about your own expectations and goals. Why are you interested in this boot camp? How do you think it will benefit your career? Look inward, and be transparent about what you want out of this experience.

2. Conduct some research on your industry of interest. If you haven’t already, familiarize yourself with the industry you’re trying to enter, including common terms and the hard and soft skills you may need to sharpen to be successful, as well as any specific jobs or roles that you may be interested in.

3. Actively engage in the conversation. The admissions team is there to help. To get the most out of the call, it’s important to be fully present in a distraction-free environment. Share your goals and concerns and listen to their insights. Think about potential follow-up questions that might help you come to a decision. Keep a pen and paper handy, or open a document on your computer to take notes or jot down any important points you can return to after the call.

4. Think of a bootcamp as an investment in yourself. Committing to a boot camp isn’t always an easy choice. It requires a significant amount of time, resources, and effort. It may take you beyond your comfort zone and pose unique challenges. But if it helps you accomplish your goals it will certainly prove a worthy investment.

The importance of authenticity 

There’s no wrong way to approach your admissions call. The most important thing to remember is to be honest with yourself and with admissions. Your authenticity and genuine interest in the boot camp, as well as your future goals, will be the strongest factors that can help determine if a boot camp is a right fit for you and can enable you to achieve the outcomes you are hoping for.

Last updated: November 2023