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Why career support is essential to your boot camp success

When you sign up for a boot camp, you’re jumping into the driver’s seat to steer your career in a new direction. Just like learning to drive, learning a new skill or preparing to enter a new industry can be both exciting and intimidating. 

Whether you are in an industry that lacks growth or want to pursue a position that better matches your passions and talents, career support is an essential aspect of turning your boot camp experience into a professional game-changer. Think of the support you receive from Career Services as your navigation system, helping you find your ultimate destination. Below, you can explore the ways you’ll benefit from the boot camp support and career support offered by edX.

Accelerating career success throughout your boot camp

Most learners who are considering this type of skills training may be wondering, “Can you get a job after a boot camp?” 

From day one of your boot camp, you’ll have the support of the Career Services team who will provide you with the tools you need to become a competitive candidate. You’ll also qualify for access to relevant job referrals and additional post-completion support for the rest of your career. 

Six ways you can benefit from Career Services support

The knowledge gained through a boot camp can play a significant role when negotiating for a higher-salaried position. But learners can benefit from additional support offered by the Career Services team.

Here are six of the benefits you’ll gain by engaging with Career Services during and after your boot camp:

1. The Career Engagement Network

With a wealth of knowledge to help you compete in the job market, the Career Engagement Network can connect you with industry-specific tools and resources, a vast employer network, and a calendar of virtual events to give you every opportunity to engage with potential employers.

In addition to industry and recruitment events, the Career Engagement Network also provides a materials library including CV templates, interview prep resources, and valuable industry insights.

2. Interactive workshops

Your ability to effectively compete for the jobs requires honing your soft skills and preparing to ace your interview. With a variety of virtual workshops available, the Career Services team will prepare you for all aspects of the interview process. 

Workshop topics include: technical interviewing strategies, behavioral interview practice, job search strategies, and employer spotlights.

3. Virtual Career Services events

Through regularly scheduled virtual Career Services events , you will have many opportunities to engage with potential employers, ask alumni questions, and attend webinars and virtual tech talks.

These events give you the opportunity to learn about a potential employer’s company culture and find any available positions. You can also gain perspective from learners who have successfully changed or advanced careers. Event topics include identifying in-demand skills, implementing job search strategies, enhancing your cover letter, and working at a startup. 

4. Active job board

Are you looking for companies that hire boot camp grads? The edX job board is updated daily and gives you a direct line to employers looking for the skills you acquired during your boot camp. The Career Services team works directly with employer partners to understand their specific needs and gain exclusive access to open roles in their organizations. You can browse job listings, discover what top companies are looking for in candidates, and apply when you are ready to take the next step in your career.

5. One-on-one career coaching

On the second day of your boot camp, you will receive an email from your Career Coach who will help you refine your job search strategy. Toward the end of your boot camp, you can schedule one-on-one coaching sessions over a telephone call or Zoom to discuss how to apply your new skills to a successful job search.

6. Professional brand statement

With help from the Career Services team, you will work on a brand statement that concisely expresses your professional value. In addition to your portfolio, résumé, and LinkedIn profile, your brand statement will be a powerful storytelling tool that can help amplify your education, skills, and accomplishments to give you an edge with hiring managers.

Career support can help make you a competitive candidate

While you are completing your boot camp curriculum, you will also have Career Services milestones to achieve. The Career Services milestones are designed to help guide you from being ready to search for a job, to becoming a competitive job seeker positioned for success. Becoming a competitive job seeker involves creating excellent job search materials, networking with potential employers and industry professionals, and having effective outreach and follow-up strategies. As soon as you complete your first milestone, you will be paired with a Career Coach who will be dedicated to helping you develop your professional materials.

With a large and actively engaged employer network and access to free professional resources throughout your career, you will be set up for success after completing your boot camp.

Industry partnerships help inform curriculum and connect you with hiring managers

edX’s partnerships with top employers inform boot camp curricula, ensuring that what you learn is relevant to your industry and taught by leaders in the field. During the boot camp, you’ll have the opportunity to present your work to industry professionals through virtual meetups and tech talks. Your Career Coach will also offer career search strategies and ensure that your professional materials follow best practices, which will help position you to achieve your professional goals. 

Career pathways and additional resources

Even if you’re just starting your journey, browsing career pathways by industry can provide clarity around requirements for your desired position, including in-demand skills, job descriptions ranging from entry-level to senior-level, professional certification information, and additional resources like reading lists.

The Career Services team has developed tools and resources for boot camp learners, including guides for salary negotiation, networking, interview prep, CV-building, and brand statement writing. 

Between the relevant skills you will learn during your boot camp and the support you will receive from Career Services along the way, you will have a clear roadmap to help guide you to success in your career journey.

Last updated November 2023