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Boot camp support throughout your learning journey

Taking the initiative to gain in-demand skills and develop a professional portfolio through a boot camp is something you’ll reap the benefits of for years to come. But it also comes with many questions. How do you choose a boot camp that best fits your needs? After you’ve selected your preferred option, how do you get into a boot camp? Once you’re enrolled, what kind of support can you expect during your boot camp experience?

Rest assured, there is a team of professionals to support you before, during, and after your boot camp to help you achieve your goals. Before you start on your boot camp journey, you’ll connect with a variety of people who will help you navigate the curriculum and provide you with continued assistance through completion of the coursework. In this article, you can learn more about the individuals you’ll be working with on every step of your journey so you can feel confident in making your next career move.

Before the boot camp

Boot camp prep may feel daunting at first, but there are multiple teams ready to help you as you navigate the process from enrollment to your first lesson. 

Admissions team

The enrollment process typically begins with an introduction to admissions representatives. You’ll work with admissions to go over boot camp requirements, expectations, and payment options. Once you’ve completed your enrollment, they’ll provide you with the information you need to be ready for Day One of classes. They’ll also remain available to answer any questions about the boot camp and provide you with additional resources before you get started.

Learner Success team

There’s no perfect way to achieve success in a boot camp. Every learner will take a different path depending on their own needs. However, the moment you’re enrolled in your boot camp, you’ll gain access to a dedicated team of individuals who are committed to ensuring you make the most of your investment. Your Learner Success Manager will continue to assist you as you progress through your learning — so you’re never alone.

During the boot camp

Whether you need additional guidance in the classroom, assistance with homework, or insights into your career search, support is just a click away. 

Instructional team

The instructional team is passionate about helping learners achieve their goals. Through multiple channels of communication and feedback — email, phone, office hours, and a dedicated Slack channel — there’s always someone available to help when and where you need it.

Instructional staff

In class, your instructional staff will lead exercises and engaging discussions that will solidify the skills you learn during the boot camp. The instructional staff have professional experience in their field, bringing real-world perspectives to every session. Ask them questions about the industry, lean on them for helpful tips, and rely on them for support.

Assistant instructors

Your assistant instructors are another support system you can lean on to help you through challenging problems and keep you on the right track during the day, evenings, and on weekends. Many assistant instructors have successfully completed their own boot camp before lending their skills and expertise to new learners. They know what it takes to succeed in a boot camp environment, and provide an added layer of support during your educational journey.


In order to truly succeed in your boot camp, you need support at every step, including outside of class. Qualified learners receive access to free one-on-one help from a tutor network. Tutors will walk you through homework assignments and project objectives whenever you need it. 

Your peers

There’s no one who understands your experience better than the individuals on the same journey. Your peers can be a great source of motivation and assistance, as well as a reminder that you’re never alone. Many learners form strong bonds with their classmates that last long after boot camp completion, enriching their educational experience and building their professional network.

Career Services team

edX places a great importance on career support for boot camp success. Your Career Services team is made up of your Career Material Advisor and your Career Coach. On day two of your boot camp, you’ll receive an email from the Career Services team, who will stay in regular contact to track professional milestones. Together, they will coordinate the delivery of the boot camp career curriculum and provide coaching for career readiness.

Career Material Advisor

Work with your Career Material Advisor to polish your job search materials. They will provide you with unlimited individualized feedback on your CV, portfolio, and LinkedIn profile to help you position yourself competitively in the job market. Submit your approved, employer-ready CV to unlock access to your dedicated Career Coach.

Career Coach

Once you’re ready to start applying for jobs, your Career Coach will help you navigate the job search process. They’ll provide one-on-one career coaching, walk you through mock interviews, and share information about helpful resources and workshops to support your job search.

Career Engagement Network

Looking to go deeper in your career search? The Career Engagement Network provides a variety of resources to help you navigate the job market with ease and confidence. Learn about upcoming virtual events, access industry-specific tools and resources, and browse featured jobs from more than 250 employer partners.

Learner Success team

Throughout the boot camp, you will continue to meet regularly with your Learner Success Advisor to discuss your progress, advancement, and motivation. They’ll also help you develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude you need to succeed.

Technical support

Technical difficulties happen to everyone, so you will have additional support to help you through any issues you may run into during your boot camp. Access technical assistance through your learning management system, or send an email directly to the support team.

After boot camp completion

Learners who enroll in these programs are likely thinking, “Can I get a job after a boot camp?”  The goal for all learners is to complete the boot camp with a new skill set that will help them reach the next step in their career, whether that’s advancing in their current field or moving to a new industry. You must complete the work yourself, but you will have continued support for your professional development.

Career Coach and Career Material Advisor

For up to 90 days after you complete your boot camp, your Career Material Advisor and your Career Coach will continue to work with you to help you secure a role in your desired field. They’ll provide you with resources and templates, as well as review your professional materials so you can put your best foot forward.

Career Engagement Network

Whether you’re still searching for your next role, or you want to connect with like-minded people, the Career Engagement Network is your post-completion, one-stop-shop for professional development. You’ll have access to tailored career material libraries, regular online workshops, and a variety of engagement opportunities with industry professionals. Companies that hire learners who have completed boot camps share their open roles through the Career Engagement Network jobs board, where you can apply directly with confidence.

Your professional network

Think about everyone that you’ve met along your journey. Whether you’re reaching out to previous colleagues or employers, or you’re staying connected with your boot camp peers and instructional staff, your professional network can be a great source of information and support. Let them know what you’re up to, whether you are searching for a job, just landing a new role or simply looking for deeper connections within your industry.

Boot Camp Network

Once you’ve successfully completed your boot camp, you’ll be a member of the Boot Camp Network, where you’ll gain exclusive access to in-person and virtual events, an alumni newsletter with upcoming events, and additional Boot Camp Network resources to stay connected.

Last updated November 2023