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Professional Certificate in
Smart Grids Integration and Modeling

What you will learn

  • Identify the impact of variable renewable energy sources (VRES) and smart energy demand on electrical power grids; and different tools and approaches to design a smart grid.
  • Apply optimal power flow (OPF) solutions to evaluate the performance of an electrical power system with integrated renewable energy sources.
  • Analyze intelligent electrical power system dynamics (frequency stability) to achieve active power balance, and identify control-room technologies for system-wide remote monitoring, protection and risk management of smart grid cyber security.
  • Simulate a 9-bus grid, with and without variable renewable resources.
  • Analyze and mitigate the impact of “intelligent” but common grid disturbances in electrical power systems.
Expert instruction
2 skill-building courses
3 months
4 - 6 hours per week
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Courses in this program

  1. DelftX's Smart Grids Integration and Modeling Professional Certificate

Meet your instructors
from Delft University of Technology (DelftX)

Kaikai Pan
Peter Palensky
Jose Rueda Torres
Digvijay Gusain
Ibrahim Diab

Experts from DelftX committed to teaching online learning

Program endorsements

Massive development of power electronic connected solar and wind power plants is a huge challenge for the electrical system. Intelligent electrical power grids contain unconventional and modern solutions to accommodate this scale of renewable energy sources. Understanding both the cause as well as the remedial operational actions are the important learnings of this program.

Mart van der Meijden , Innovation Manager at TenneT

Also in Engineering at edX


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