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Enhance your Supply Chain Career by focusing in Sustainability

Professional Certificate in
Certified Sustainable Supply Chain Professional (CSSCP)

What you will learn

  • To apply Sustainability/Circular Economy topics and terms to the Supply Chain process.
  • To understand general Supply Chain terminology used throughout the industry, understanding the linkages between financial and operational measures.
  • To apply Sustainability mechanisms into strategic planning, sales and operations planning (S&OP), and execution; including but not limited to: Inventory, MRP, Sourcing, Purchasing, Manufacturing and Sales Order Fulfillment.
  • To shift company culture and form Sustainable partnerships with suppliers, customers, and value humanities within your own team.
  • To utilize technologies and tools that can innovate and reduce waste along the supply chain. These tools can lead to forming an extended supply chain, a circular supply chain where possible.
  • Promote the protection of both human resources and utilize initiative to create corporate social responsibility.
  • Demonstrate the importance of including a circular lifecycle into initial product design and project management including raw material use.
  • Connect the flow of goods and materials throughout the supply chain using circular strategies in procurement where possible, smart management of inventory and warehousing practices, and renewable technologies in the transportation & distribution network.
Expert instruction
4 skill-building courses
3 months
2 - 8 hours per week
Discounted price: $1,787.40
Pre-discounted price: $1,986USD
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Courses in this program

  1. ISCEA's Certified Sustainable Supply Chain Professional (CSSCP) Professional Certificate

Meet your instructors
from International Supply Chain Education Alliance (ISCEA)

Jorge Morales
IISB - Essentials Committee Chair
Justin Goldston, PhD
Professor, Project and Supply Chain Management
Penn State University, IISB
Mike Sheahan
Master Instructor

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Discounted price: $1,787.40
Pre-discounted price: $1,986USD
4 courses in 3 months
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