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Professional Certificate in
European Studies: History & Culture, Law and EU Governance

What you will learn

  • Learn about what the EU is, what it is not, and how the EU came to be as it is today.
  • Learn how important moments, movements and ideologies in modern and contemporary history had an impact on the current European order.
  • Understand the legal framework of the European Union, including its key actors and decision-making procedures.
  • Learn about the main legal principles of EU law and how they have evolved.
  • Understand the emergence of different types of European and international organizations and how EU institutions work.
Expert instruction
3 skill-building courses
Progress at your own speed
7 months
5 - 7 hours per week
Discounted price: $159.30
Pre-discounted price: $177USD
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Courses in this program

  1. KULeuvenX's European Studies: History & Culture, Law and EU Governance Professional Certificate

Meet your instructors
from KU Leuven (KULeuvenX)

Katja Biedenkopf
Sascha Bru
Teresa Cabrita
Sara Cosemans
Idesbald Goddeeris
Elwin Hofman
Bert Keirsbilck
Elise Muir
Patrick Pasture
Umar Ryad
Fred Truyen
Kris Van Heuckelom
Leen Van Molle
Lien Verpoest
Tom Verschaffel
Jan Wouters
Kolja Raube

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Discounted price: $159.30
Pre-discounted price: $177USD
3 courses in 7 months
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