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Blockchain technologies are changing industries

Professional Certificate in
Blockchain for Business

What you will learn

  • Describe Business Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies to audiences with varying experience
  • Blockchain impact and potential for change around the world
  • Demonstrate some of the immediate blockchain use cases in technology, business, and enterprise products and institutions
  • Gain familiarity with current Hyperledger projects and cross-industry use cases
Expert instruction
2 skill-building courses
Progress at your own speed
6 months
2 - 3 hours per week
Discounted price: $340.20
Pre-discounted price: $378USD
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Courses in this program

  1. LinuxFoundationX's Blockchain for Business Professional Certificate

Meet your instructors
from The Linux Foundation (LinuxFoundationX)

Bobbi Muscara
Ernesto Lee
Kris Bennett
Rosa Santos
Flavia Cioanca

Experts from LinuxFoundationX committed to teaching online learning

Program endorsements

Hyperledger highly values professionals with proficiency in distributed ledger and blockchain technologies. This includes having a community of business professionals who understand both the technology and the potential applications to solve business challenges. These skills will be highly relevant for many years to come. It’s hard to argue there is an industry that will not be touched by blockchain in some way and a candidate credentialed through the edX Professional Certificate program, would be tremendous asset to any organization.

Brian Behlendorf , Hyperledger Executive Director

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Discounted price: $340.20
Pre-discounted price: $378USD
2 courses in 6 months
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