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Professional Certificate in
Foundations of Client Care

What you will learn

  • Human body, disease basics, and foundations of infection control.
  • Workplace safety and emergency care.
  • Daily living needs and basic client care skills.
  • Caring for special populations and restorative and psychosocial care skills.

The Foundations of Client Care program has multiple courses that are designed to teach basic foundational health science concepts as well as practical day-to-day information that can help improve patient outcomes. The content ranges from the basics of the human body including all of the major body systems, to bedside knowledge needed to offer care to any patient. In addition to these foundational concepts, there’s also a strong emphasis on skills such as how to take vital signs and wound care management. The goal is to equip a health care trainee with the information they need to succeed as well as to instill confidence through our step-by-step approach to learning. The whiteboard animation videos are meant to be approachable, efficient, and fun, while conveying a large swath of challenging scientific material. After completing the program, you should be one step closer to helping a patient get healthy.

Expert instruction
3 skill-building courses
Progress at your own speed
3 months
7 - 29 hours per week
Discounted price: $117.60
Pre-discounted price: $147USD
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Courses in this program

  1. OsmosisFromElsevier's Foundations of Client Care Professional Certificate

  2. 5–20 hours per week, for 3 weeks

    A review of the structure and function of human body systems and basics of disease.

  3. 2–10 hours per week, for 2 weeks

    A review of the principles of workplace safety, emergency care, and infection control within a healthcare setting.

  4. 10–40 hours per week, for 6 weeks

    A review of the needs of daily living and related care activities, basic client care, and more advanced skills for working with clients with different needs.

Meet your instructor
from Osmosis from Elsevier (OsmosisFromElsevier)

Rishi Desai
Osmosis from Elsevier

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Discounted price: $117.60
Pre-discounted price: $147USD
3 courses in 3 months
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