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Professional Certificate in
Sustainable Cities and Urban Development

What you will learn

  • Understand urban development and the scale, scope, and establishment of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Gain an overview of urban systems, including governance, land management, and utilities to recognize the new urban sciences that are driving our understanding of urbanization across the world
  • Explore the impact of people-focused issues, how technological change is adopted and deployed, and case studies from the Global North and South
  • Examine carefully how we should understand how to trace, examine and explore the ways new social, economic and environmental changes emerge and reshape the working of the city.
  • Understand how best to intervene in urban futures through sharing urban experiences and contributing to the coproduction of knowledge to enrich and strengthen knowledge exchange in cities.

The UN General Assembly adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, consisting of 17 goals known as the SDGs in 2015. These goals address five critical areas: people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnership, aiming to be achieved by 2030. This course centers on the role of urban development in accomplishing the SDGs, with a specific focus on SDG11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Understanding the future of cities is essential for comprehending the future of humanity. Scholars predict that the 21st century will witness a monumental shift in human history as a vast majority of the world's population migrates to cities, creating a planetary urbanism. This transformation impacts global living standards, economic organization, and environmental implications in the Anthropocene era. Additionally, this course concentrates on urban growth in the global South, where most of the planet's urbanization will occur. It draws from the insights of the PEAK Urban program, a five-year collaborative effort involving researchers from China, Colombia, India, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. This program seeks to explore and address the challenges and opportunities associated with urban development in the regions experiencing significant growth.

By examining the interplay between urbanization and sustainable development, the course aims to promote effective strategies for achieving SDG11 and advancing sustainable cities and communities. By identifying key factors influencing urban growth and exploring best practices from different regions, participants can contribute to global efforts in building a more sustainable and prosperous future for all. Understanding the complexities of urban development in the context of the SDGs will play a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of human civilization in the years to come.

Expert instruction
3 skill-building courses
Progress at your own speed
4 months
3 - 5 hours per week
Discounted price: $150.30
Pre-discounted price: $167USD
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Courses in this program

  1. SDGAcademyX's Sustainable Cities and Urban Development Professional Certificate

  2. 2–4 hours per week, for 1 weeks

    What will it take to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030?

  3. 4–6 hours per week, for 9 weeks

    Learn how government, the private sector, and other actors can support sustainable urban development

  4. 2–4 hours per week, for 6 weeks

    Drawing on rich research experiences of over 100 researchers working on urban questions in more than 8 cities in 5 countries from across the world, this course will enable learners to imagine how they can make a difference to the future cities that will shape tomorrow’s planet. It is designed for all urban scholars who are keen to build upon the experiences of a global network to develop their own methods and frames to view, interpret and define urban changes in their local geographies and contexts.

    • Policy professionals and managers who want to understand frameworks for SDG planning in urban settings.
    • Sustainable development practitioners interested in the elements of sustainability that impact urban areas worldwide.
    • Private-sector actors , such as those who work in real estate development, technology, telecommunications, transportation, or energy – whose work can contribute to and redefine urban areas.
    • Advanced undergraduates and graduate students in architecture, real estate development, sustainable development, sustainable business, international development, public policy, and other related fields.
    • Anyone interested in the concept of sustainable cities – including those interested in the development of their own local community – who wants to understand the foundations of modern urban development.

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Discounted price: $150.30
Pre-discounted price: $167USD
3 courses in 4 months
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