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Professional Certificate in
Originator and Biosimilar Biologics: For Patients and Healthcare Providers

What you will learn

  • Improve knowledge of originator and biosimilar biologic medicines.
  • Understand scientific and clinical evidence to support appropriate cost-effective application of biosimilar biologics across oncology, rheumatology, gastrointestinal disease, and other medical conditions.
  • Address misconceptions regarding use of biosimilar biologics.
  • Identify the benefits and significance of biosimilar biologic use in clinical practice and across jurisdictions.
  • Discuss implications of biosimilar biologic use for clinical practice and patient education to optimize patient care and wellness.

The Originator and Biosimilar Biologics: For Patients and Health Care Providers Professional Certificate aims to provide health care professionals and patients with advanced knowledge and skills on the topic of biosimilar biologics (or “biosimilars”). Biosimilars are highly similar to an existing originator biologic that is off patent. Biosimilars are a rapidly growing area in pharmaceutical development, and the implementation of biosimilars requires an evidence-informed approach. As awareness and use of biosimilars increases globally, this course will provide information and guidance to support the effective and safe use of biosimilars. The course will focus on enhancing knowledge and skills to affect change in attitude and behaviour of health care providers and patients/caregivers related to biosimilars. The course will utilize a modular approach to provide content that is accessible and informative to all learners, including pharmacists, physicians, nurses, patients, caregivers, students and young professionals, industry, and policy-makers.

The two courses offered as part of this professional certificate have received approval from the following accreditation bodies in Canada for continuing education credits:
- The Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy has accredited this program for 10 CEUs.
- The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada – Section 1; The American Medical Association - AMA PRA Category 1; and The European Union for Medical Specialists (EUMS) ECMEC.
- The Canadian Nursing Association (10 hours)

This course may be eligible for continuing education credits through professional accreditation bodies.

The course content is developed by leading researchers and clinicians from across Canada, who encompass different professional disciplines and areas of expertise. This course is one-of-a-kind to promote understanding and skill development for patients and clinicians beginning or already using a biosimilar.

Each of the courses in this certificate program will provide the learner with deeper knowledge of and opportunities to develop skills in the following knowledge areas:

  • what biosimilars are;
  • how they are produced;
  • where they are being used (indications) and implications for clinical practice;
  • understanding side effects and medication safety issues,
  • improving the quality of care for individuals using a biosimilar;
  • improving perceptions of use of biosimilars;
  • the regulatory approval process; and
  • interchangeability and switching

Overall the program aims to improve patient-provider communication and perceptions of biosimilar use by providing a consistent foundation among health care providers for communicating with patients about biosimilar treatment.

Expert instruction
2 skill-building courses
Progress at your own speed
8 months
3 - 6 hours per week
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Courses in this program

  1. University_of_TorontoX's Originator and Biosimilar Biologics: For Patients and Healthcare Providers Professional Certificate

  2. 3–6 hours per week, for 16 weeks

    Developed by leading researchers and clinicians from across Canada, this course will enhance knowledge and skills for patients who are using, or beginning to use, an originator or biosimilar biologic medicine.

  3. 3–6 hours per week, for 16 weeks

    Developed by leading researchers and clinicians from across Canada, this course will enhance knowledge and skills for clinicians who are using or beginning to use a biosimilar or biologic medicine in their professional practice setting.

    • This Certificate will be of value to emerging and established health care professionals looking to gain a deeper understanding of how to use originator and biosimilar biologic medicines in their practice to optimize patient care and wellness.
    • This certificate, endorsed by professional accreditation bodies, can be listed on resumes/CVs and LinkedIn as a recognized continuing education credential.
    • This course aligns with the increasing adoption and use of biosimilars for medical conditions including cancer, arthritis and gastrointestinal diseases in Canada and globally, and will improve knowledge of safe and effective biosimilar use.
    • The course will act as a mechanism to improve clinical communication skills with patients and ensure that all health care providers are able to provide relevant, consistent, and accurate information to patients about the use of biosimilars.
    • This certificate will be valuable to pharmacists, physicians, nurses, and educators as well as clinician scientists, patients/family representatives, Program Managers, Pharmacy Technicians /Assistants, and drug-access navigators.

Meet your instructor
from University of Toronto (University_of_TorontoX)

Kathy Vu
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream and Director of the PharmD for Pharmacists Program
University of Toronto

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Discounted price: $133.20
Pre-discounted price: $148USD
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