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English@Work: Advanced Interview Skills

Tell your story so well interviewers can’t ignore you!

English@Work: Advanced Interview Skills

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About this course

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Once you have successfully grasped the foundation of interview success by completing our English@Work: Basic Job Interview Skills course, how you persuade others to believe that you are as good as you say you are is now the challenge. Our instructors have had a 100% success rate in getting interviews and landing a job, and we hope to share that experience with you.

• No more generic answers! Hear what senior management specifically looks for in challenging questions.

• Stop asking Google! Exchange ideas with a global community of learners.

• No more rehearsing in your head! Use the tools on the platform to practise, learn to assess answers and get inspiration from instructor feedback and other participants - Verified learners only.

At a glance

  • Institution: HKPolyUx
  • Subject: Language
  • Level: Introductory
  • Prerequisites:

    English@Work: Basic Interview Skills

  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English

What you'll learn

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By the end of this course, Audit track learners will have learned how to:

• prepare precise and persuasive answers to challenging questions

• use verbal and non-verbal skills to impress the interviewers

• perform professionally during and after interviews

Learners on the Verified track will be able to:

• identify effective and ineffective answers

• access instructor feedback and comments

• evaluate their own answers

• watch full length interview videos with industry professionals

There are seven units in this course:

  1. Giving Impressive Answers

  2. Eight Tips on Non-Verbal Communication

  3. Importance of Intonation and Word Stress

  4. Answering Challenging Questions

  5. Asking Appropriate Questions

  6. Acting Professionally After Interviews

  7. Assessment

In order to get a certificate, you need to complete the assessment components and achieve a 50% passing score. The two assessments are both located in the Assessment section:

  1. Assessment Recording Grading 50%

  2. Peer-Assessment 50%

Learner testimonials

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“The information is very up-to-date, and from what I have seen they actually consult real professionals in the field when developing their materials. Needless to say, these are excellent!”

– Course participant

About the instructors

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