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Introduction to Java Programming II: Object-Oriented Programming and Algorithms

About this course

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This course provides students with the knowledge to handle and even create exceptions to achieve graceful error handling in programs. They will also create and utilize data structures, including lists and files. Students will also learn about recursion and how it can be a useful approach to repetition in a program. Finally, students will learn how to develop basic graphical user interfaces (GUIs) using JavaFX.

What you'll learn

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  • Understand the benefit of exceptions vs. built-in error checking
  • Handle an exception by either catching or specifying it
  • Read and write simple text files from Java
  • Distinguish a checked exception from an unchecked
  • Create and manipulate both ArrayLists and LinkedLists
  • Understand the differences between array-based data structures and link-based ones
  • Identify the base case, reduction step, and recursive call in recursive solutions
  • Model the call stack during the execution of a recursive method
  • Develop a JavaFX scene with a basic layout and controls
  • Attach event handlers to controls and bring life to the scene
  • Package the scene and event handlers into a Java application
  • Creating and handling exceptions
  • Reading and writing files, including delimited files
  • Using ArrayLists
  • Using LinkedLists
  • Programming with generics
  • Recursion and the call Stack
  • Developing graphical user interfaces (GUIS) with JavaFX
  • Basics of anonymous inner classes and lambda expressions

Meet your instructors

Olufisayo Omojokun
Senior Lecturer
Georgia Institute of Technology

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