IT Fundamentals for Business Professionals: Software development

Provided by Universitat Politècnica de Valencia (UPValenciaX)
$75 USD

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Working with Information Technology (IT) without the necessary background? Learn the fundamentals of software development

Course Format:Instructor-Led
Start Date:Mar 20, 2019

What you will learn

You will learn about:

  • Tools and methods for software development
  • Concepts about the life cycle in systems development.
  • Roles and functions in the management of software projects
  • Different methods for the processing of information (lots, real time ...)
  • Design of user interfaces.
  • Development and motivation of standards in software.


This course is one of the 5 courses of an introductory business information systems series, designed to introduce you to the amazing world of Information Technology.

The series of courses is designed so that a professional in a field outside the information technologies (financial, administrative or managerial) acquires the basic knowledge in Information Technology to be able to interact more profitably with the computer and telecommunications specialists of your company or other corporations with which you are related, being able to specify requirements, evaluate workloads and monitor results in a much more effective way.

The syllabus of the series is based on the CLEP Information Systems and Computer Applications exam.

In this course, you learn the basics of software project management, reviewing basic project management concepts and roles, system development lifecycle, tools and methods used in software development, standards. used in the development and the design of the user interface of a computer system.

By completing the series of 5 courses, you will be prepared to interact effectively with specialists in the Information Technology sector (and pass the CLEP ISCA exam if you wish).

Before you start

Basic knowledge of Internet and computers. Knowledge of mathematics at High School level is assumed.
  • Instructor-Led: course contains assignments and exams that have specific due dates, and you complete the course within a defined time period.
  • Course ends: Mar 20, 2019
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