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About this course

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Logistics are the first trait for a company’s success! Learn all about logistics and how you can use it to achieve every goal in your organization.

Logistics encourage the efficient use of tools all along the value chain, by optimizing processes such as:

  • Supply

  • Manufacture

  • Transportation

  • Inventory

  • Distribution

In this online course you will gain a holistic view of logistics and transportation within your company, which is useful to understand how a company can thing strategically thanks to basic but essential content.

All throughout this course on logistics you will explore topics such as: management processes, outsourcing and logistic suppliers, through the strengthening of knowledge which will allow you to reach the educational purposes of this course week after week.

What you'll learn

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* Competencies for knowledge: you will understand the basic concepts of logistics and its main components

* Competencies for doing: you will be able to apply basic concepts of logistics in your daily life while achieving better results

* Competencies for being: you will understand how logistics play an impactful role in the company, people’s daily life and processes.

Meet your instructors

Catalina Silva-Plata
Ingeniera Industrial, Magister en Emprendimiento Ambiental y PhD en Sostenibilidad Estudios Ambientales, actual investigadora posdoctoral en Sostenibilidad en LOGYCA.
Daniel Fernando Prato Sánchez
Ingeniero ambiental de la Universidad EAN, Magister en Ingeniería Automotriz y Doctor en Ciencias de la Ingeniería del Tecnológico de Monterrey en México, Investigador PhD en LOGYCA y el Centro Latinoaméricano de Innovación en Logística
Vivian Rangel Castelblanco
Ingeniera Industrial, Master en Desarrollo Ambiental y Sostenible, y actual Investigadora en Sostenibilidad en Supply Chain en LOGYCA
Andres Felipe Cárdenas Hurtado
Project Coordinator

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