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Basic teaching experience

About this course

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New to coding? Want to learn how to teach coding to your students? Do you have students who love to play Minecraft?

The LearnToMod software combines Minecraft, Coding, and Teacher support for teachers who have never coded on their own, and who have never taught coding! With hundreds of self-guided micro-coding assignments, lesson plans, and project ideas, this education and teacher training course will guide you through the basics of coding with Minecraft, and, more importantly, provide you with the tools and community to help you teach your students how to code in your way!

No previous coding knowledge needed! Some teaching experience recommended.

Taught by instructors who have been teaching novice coding teachers to teach for over a decade, this course will help teachers gain skills to teach coding with Minecraft, but also confidence to learn how to teach other coding topics!

What you'll learn

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  • Block-based coding
  • Computational Thinking
  • Lesson Plan Development with the LearnToMod software
  • Basic Minecraft play and coding

Week 1: What is Coding, What is Minecraft, and How Can I Teach Coding with Minecraft?
Introduce yourself to the world of coding and coding education by joining our community of educators within this course. Hear from the instructors on why teaching coding is important, and learn about the possibilities of learning to teach it for your students. Get an introduction to Minecraft and what it means to “Mod Minecraft.” Sign up for the software that will make teaching coding with Minecraft a snap!
Week 2: Learn to Code!
Start learning how to code on your own! This week will require you to be unafraid of failure and learn the basics of coding, all you need is your logic skills and a bit of patience, the course and LearnTomod software will guide you through the rest!
Week 3: Curriculum and Lesson Plans
With examples from the instructions, learn how to write your own lesson plans to ensure your students are learning the basics of coding through Minecraft. Adjust lesson plans to fit your teaching style, your classroom, and your particular set of students.
Week 4 (and beyond): Community Building
One of the most important parts of learning is having a community to do it with, folks with similar interests whom encourage you to bounce ideas off of. Continue learning and contributing to the community that is this course by sharing your lesson plans, giving feedback to others, and developing new lesson plans with fellow teachers.

Meet your instructors

Sarah Guthals
Computer science education entrepreneur and engineer
Beth Simon
Associate Teaching Professor in the Education Studies Department
UC San Diego

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