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The Language of Leaders: Learn to Speak with Confidence

To be successful in the competitive environment of the 21st century, you need to be a powerful communicator. Assess your own potential, expand your communication capabilities, and close your gaps. Learn to express yourself like a leader and speak with authority and confidence.

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About this course

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Success takes more than just knowledge and knowhow about domains, functions, people, processes and technology. Be it at a job interview, in a company meeting, or in front of a large gathering, you need to be a powerful communicator, touching the emotions and aspirations of the people you are speaking to. You need to connect, influence and inspire. You must ensure your messages are understood, advocated and championed. Irrespective of who your audience is – people with more experience than you, or with more knowledge – you must communicate with full confidence and lasting impact, resonating deeply with their aspirations, needs and desires.

The language of leaders is different. It strengthens their position and makes it easier for others to follow. When they speak they sound credible, convincing and compelling. The good news is, the ability to speak like a leader can be acquired.

Do you aspire to speak like a leader? Have you ever asked yourself the following questions?

How can I speak with greater confidence?

How can I make my speech more effective and impactful?

How can I speak so that people will want to listen?

The objective of this course in communication is to guide those aspiring to speak with confidence, to improve the speaking skills of first-time leaders, and to enhance the eloquence of seasoned professionals.

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What you'll learn

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The advantages of speaking with confidence

What makes us sound credible, authoritative and compelling

The common mistakes we make when we speak and how to correct them

How to project confidence when we speak

Module 1: Introduction to The Language of Leaders: Learn to Speak with Confidence

Understanding the importance of speaking confidently to strengthen one’s leadership position

Module 2: Understanding How We Speak

Assessing the way one speaks, identifying the words and phrases one commonly uses, and learning how to improve these

Module 3: Speaking Authoritatively

Preparing to speak with confidence and learning to be compelling and authoritative in what one says

Module 4. Speaking with Confidence

Using non-verbal communication and the power of Body Language to build and project one’s confidence; building a personal development plan for oneself

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