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Platform Product Management: Enabling the Low Code/No Code (LC/NC) Business Revolution

Lo que aprenderás

  • Learn how to analyze the environment and the Low-Code/No-Code solution to achieve enterprise application goals for end-users.
  • Understand what's needed in a strategic plan to deliver and build their desired solution.
  • Learn rapid application development (RAD) as an essential agile delivery approach to build effective apps on the Low-Code/No-Code platform.
  • Understand how to determine the limitations and constraints of the Low-Code/No-Code platform approach, especially the connection between over customization and risk.
  • Know the best practices in change management for ensuring leadership-led adoption of the new ways of working with the Low-Code/No-Code platform.
  • Learn to build road maps that stage out the future of application development for sustainable growth and digital transformation over time.

When companies embark or want to embark on a digital revolution of custom apps; amongst their development teams; they run into a problem, how to deliver a solution quickly and effectively while meeting the business needs but not jeopardizing functionality and/or user experience.

The drive from executive leadership will say “we need to adapt to remain competitive” but tactical problems persist when talented full stack developers with advanced traditional coding knowledge that can build custom applications in real-time are nearly impossible to recruit. Even if you have a team of full stack developers, they are faced with the fact that infrastructure needs to be established before the first line of hand-coding can be written. Now what about low-code applications vs traditional-coding? (Building apps using Drag-and Drop tools or excel being examples)

To respond to this challenge, Low Code/No Code (LC/NC)platforms are selected to meet a business need. However, during the platform selection process, the platform's go to market team promises their platform will solve all of your business problems, and while this may be true it isn’t without effort, and it is rarely seamless. As the business representative to the platform, it is your duty to understand how this system will impact your business, where the gaps are and if you will be able to adjust your business processes to meet the business processes of the platform selected. Understanding your business is half of the challenge, understanding your platform is just as important.

During this course the student will go through a full Low Code/No Code platform lifecycle. Learners will get an understanding of how to lead Citizen Developers (CD) and learn how to deploy solutions that will deliver success. This 3-course program has modules that will guide students through the workflow and processes of building an enterprise solution in a Low Code/No Code environment with the aid of templates. By the end, students will have done some low-code app development without the need of prior coding experience or programming language. The end result being the following deliverables:

  • An analysis of the development environment, business users and the solution where they want to build an enterprise application.
  • A strategic plan to deliver and build a visual model of their desired solution.
  • A fully functional application on the platform of their choosing. (An example being a new mobile app).
  • An enterprise-grade change management solution and road map for the future of their custom application.

On top of learning new applications, we want to provide a deeper understanding of the benefits of low-code vs no-code development, low-code tools, low-code application platforms, low-code application development, and the user interface.

As part of this certification class, we will review the following Low Code/No Code platforms:

  • Service Now
  • Appian
  • OutSystems
  • Mendix
  • Salesforce
  • Zoho
  • App Sheets

This is just a sampling of platforms we will cover. Students will have the opportunity to leverage other Low Code development platforms to fit the model discussed in the class.

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3 meses
2 - 3 horas por semana
Precio con descuento: 537,30 US$
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Cursos en este programa

  1. Certificación Profesional en Platform Product Management: Enabling the Low Code/No Code (LC/NC) Business Revolution de UMD y USMx

  2. 2–3 horas por semana durante 5 semanas

    Gartner Research predicts that by 2024, 65% of application development projects will rely on low-code no-code (LCNC) development.

    Successfully implement a platform to transform your business. Building business workflows, process automation and custom app development has never been easier with the modern landscape of technology tools. Learn how to deliver business solutions on some of the most cutting edge low-code development platforms, like Salesforce, Appian, Servicenow, Mendix and many others to revolutionize how business is done. Ensure your business, your team, and your vendors are set up for success utilizing these Low Code/No-Code platforms (LC/NC).

  3. 2–3 horas por semana durante 4 semanas

    Learn how to implement Low Code/No Code platforms. Go beyond “clicks not code” in this class to learn LCNC design and implementation best practices.

  4. 2–3 horas por semana durante 4 semanas

    LCNC Platforms support vital business processes, but 75% of IT implementations fail. Learn how users are the most critical and difficult part of platform success - and how to respond when “Everything is broken” and you need LCNC Platform Revival.

    • Note that this Is an emerging field with dominant platforms because of the stage of the product market, therefore Integration Specialist salaries on it teams within it departments for those platforms are the best measure of success:
    • Salesforce Integration Specialists Salaries: $109,000 (Indeed)
    • Salesforce Systems Engineers: $121,036 (Glassdoor)
    • MS Power BI Specialist Salary: $97,627 (ZipRecruiter)
    • ServiceNow Agile Product Owner: $138,442 (Glassdoor)

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de The University of Maryland, College Park (UMD), University System of Maryland (USMx)

Jake Artz
Project Manager

Expertos de UMD, USMx comprometidos con el aprendizaje en línea

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Precio con descuento: 537,30 US$
Precio original: 597 US$
3 cursos en 3 meses
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