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The DNA of Jobs Is Changing

In the past, you didn’t need technical skills to succeed in your non-technical job and vice versa. Today, a new type of position is on the rise: the hybrid job. Hybrid jobs blend skill sets from both technical and non-technical fields, like data analysis and marketing or programming and design. As the fastest-growing and least likely to be automated jobs in the market today, hybrid roles provide the greatest opportunities for your career growth. Set yourself up for success by building a hybrid skill set that draws from today’s fastest-growing fields.

Whether you want to build foundational knowledge for your next career move or develop skills applicable to your current field, you’ll find your hybrid skills path at edX.

Data Science for Everyone

In today’s data-driven world, data analysis skills are becoming increasingly important for roles in a wide variety of fields. In fact, more than 1.7 million job postings asked for data science skills in 2018, according to Burning Glass Technologies. These courses and programs will provide essential data science skills that you can apply to your current area of expertise or your next role.

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Computer Science for Everyone

Computer science is becoming more and more embedded into every field and our everyday lives. Many fields, including design, engineering, marketing, and data analysis, are now in need of workers with coding and other computer science skills. These courses and programs will provide a base understanding of key programming languages and concepts that can be applied to careers across industries.

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Business for Everyone

The demand for technical skills is a driving force of job hybridization, but it’s not the only factor behind this shift. Jobs in fields that were once purely technical, from engineering and IT, now require business knowledge as well as communication, collaboration, and leadership skills. These courses and programs provide core business knowledge and enhance your soft skills, giving you the strategic mindset and ability to influence change needed to succeed as a leader.

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