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Learn Ada programming with online courses and programs

Ada is a programming language that allows developers to design safe, reliable code. It is not tied to any specific type of programming, making it useful for coders across a variety of roles. Learn Ada with online courses delivered through edX.

What is Ada programming?

Ada is a readable, object-oriented programming language used to build both simple and complex software systems. Programming in Ada helps prioritize safety, reliability, and security, allowing developers to identify and mitigate bugs before they have an opportunity to cause critical, potentially dangerous problems.Footnote 1

There are several reasons why Ada is widely used, especially in mission-critical spaces. Aside from its high-level performance, Ada can embed software into devices with low memory, communicate directly with hardware, develop real-time systems, and program low-level systems that help a computer run smoothly.Footnote 2

Ada also differs slightly from other programming languages. Instead of using symbols or shortened naming conventions, Ada prioritizes readability by using unabbreviated keywords and uses explicit language to minimize misalignment within the code.Footnote 3 For this reason, Ada is especially popular in industries where software must run seamlessly and with minimal system bugs for people to be safe. These include commercial air travel, rail, and aerospace and defense.Footnote 4

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Ada programming language tutorial and course curriculum

If you want to learn more about Ada programming, you may want to start by exploring its history, core functionalities, and use cases. It can also help to have some basic experience with coding before moving on to Ada programming tutorials, where you can apply your knowledge to real-world scenarios and hone your coding skills. Enrolling in an Ada programming course through edX is one way to get started. 

An Ada course may dive into introductory topics including the programming language’s syntax, program flow control, delimiters and nested records, arrays, access types, and subprograms. Each of these concepts can help you navigate different aspects of programming in Ada, such as writing, organizing, and testing code. 

An Ada course may also cover SPARK programming, a subset of Ada that offers fewer features to simplify the development process and leave little room for error. Learning SPARK alongside Ada comes with its own benefits, especially if you’re considering building applications that require reliability and safety. 

If you are interested in learning more about programming or coding, consider the range of educational opportunities made available through edX. Pursue a bachelor’s degree or earn a master’s degree in a full online program. Or home in on learning a specialized skill with a boot camp. Find the right course to fit your needs and interests.

Jobs that use Ada programming 

Once you have become proficient in the programming language, you may begin to seek various Ada programming jobs. The following roles are just some of the positions in which you could put your knowledge of Ada to use:

  • Military application developer: While learning Ada programming language can be difficult, its features are useful in industries that require a high level of detail and complexity. It can help developers within defense organizations minimize bugs during the development lifecycle and reduce cybersecurity threats.Footnote 5

  • Avionics engineer: When it comes to building commercial aviation equipment, safety is an absolute imperative. Ada’s explicit code and semantics can help avionics engineers complete large-scale projects, detect and resolve early bugs, and reliably operate real-time systems.Footnote 6

  • Medical device developer: Modern medical equipment often must be accessible by external users. In order to keep them secure, developers can use Ada to catch errors and ensure a smooth development process. Ada aligns with critical safety standards required for the demonstration of device safety.Footnote 7

You may find that some of the jobs you are interested in require additional training or security clearances. This is especially true for roles within defense and aerospace. Educational requirements may also vary depending on the company or position. 

Learn from a specialized curriculum in a computer science bachelor’s degree program or further hone your programming skills in a coding boot camp. edX offers a variety of educational options for learners just getting started, as well as professionals looking to advance an existing tech career.