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Learn Aurelia with online courses and programs

Building complex web applications doesn’t have to be complicated. By using the Aurelia framework, you can develop customized, user-friendly applications with relative ease. Learn to leverage Aurelia with online courses delivered through edX.

What is Aurelia?

Aurelia is a high-powered JavaScript web framework used for developing mobile, browser, and desktop applications. It is composed of flexible modules written in JavaScript or TypeScript with features like templating and inserting dependencies. These modules can work independently, but can be more effective when combined to create dynamic, long-lasting applications.

The Aurelia framework is simple to use and easy to learn. With built-in internationalization and validation and an optional debugger, Aurelia has powerful app-building capabilities. Programmers can test apps and customize user interfaces through Aurelia’s diverse range of templates.

Aurelia is free and open-sourced through the MIT License, which means it’s publicly available to anyone who wants to use it or improve upon it. And, because the fundamental components of the framework haven’t undergone dramatic changes over the years, API users can rely on Aurelia’s long-term reliability and stability.Footnote 1

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Aurelia framework course curriculum

In order to fully take advantage of the Aurelia framework, learners should have knowledge of JavaScript and HTML. edX offers a range of computer science classes. Coding courses and boot camps can cover useful programming skills, including foundational coding languages and how to apply them.

Aurelia tutorials may begin by introducing the framework’s fundamental abilities and simple functions. They may also provide opportunities for hands-on learning by walking learners through the process of creating a simple application. Learners who wish to advance their existing Aurelia knowledge may take courses covering more complex topics such as building default routes and adding loading indicators.

Jobs that use Aurelia

As a framework, Aurelia can be a handy complement to any developer’s existing skill set. While it is not the only framework available to developers, its simplicity and ease of use make it a strong option for a variety of projects. 

The following roles may rely on Aurelia in their day-to-day workflows and app development projects:

  • Java developer

  • Full-stack developer

  • Software programmer

  • App developer

  • User interface (UI) developer

These positions can require a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. However, every employer’s requirements will be different. Boot camps can also help prepare learners for these programming roles, equipping them with broad app-building experience.

How to use Aurelia as a JavaScript developer

Because Aurelia is a collection of JavaScript modules, it makes sense that JavaScript developers use it in their work. Whether they are creating applications or user-focused interfaces, their skills can apply within diverse industries, such as finance, tech, entertainment, and healthcare.Footnote 2

Thanks to Aurelia’s bundled capabilities, JavaScript developers don’t have to worry about stitching together features across disparate libraries. Instead, they can construct applications with impressive rendering speeds from one core JavaScript framework.Footnote 3

As with most technical positions, JavaScript developer roles will vary in their skill and educational requirements. Adding Aurelia to your developer toolkit can enhance your resume. Additionally, completing a bachelor’s degree in computer or data sciences or attending a coding boot camp can be a powerful way to develop the skills you need to start building applications and to stand out.