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Learn Backbone.js with online courses and programs

Backbone.js is a lightweight JavaScript library that helps developers structure their code, resulting in an organized, streamlined development process. Learn Backbone.js with online courses delivered through edX.

What is Backbone.js?

To understand the purpose of Backbone.js, it’s also important to understand what JavaScript is. JavaScript is a front-end programming language that helps create dynamic web content. Developers use JavaScript alongside CSS and HTML to build interactive, user-friendly web pages. This requires them to keep track of large amounts of code and data.

Backbone.js is true to its name, acting as a “backbone” for JavaScript code. It offers a library of tools and coding resources for improved organization, making development more scalable.Footnote 1 It separates an application into a number of distinct parts. Here is a breakdown: The Backbone Models piece of the framework loads and organizes data, while Backbone Collections manage the models themselves. Backbone Views processes the data to manage UI interactions. Other parts of the framework include Backbone Router and Client-side Templates.Footnote 2

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Backbone.js tutorial curriculum

To learn Backbone.js and achieve a smoother development process, you can enroll in a Backbone.js course or a related course that covers Backbone.js in its curriculum. A typical class might introduce the library’s history, architecture, and main features. It may also explain how Backbone.js supplements JavaScript development and allow you to apply your learning by using the library in your own projects. 

Whether you want a quick refresh on JavaScript programming or an advanced overview of Backbone.js, edX can help with the wide range of courses and programs it offers on a variety of topics. Learn specialized skills in a shorter boot camp, or receive more comprehensive instruction by pursuing a bachelor’s degree or earning a master’s degree in a relevant field.

Jobs that use Backbone.js

Backbone.js developers typically have a strong background in computer programming and JavaScript. Knowledge of these topics can be acquired through a degree program in computer science. It may also be beneficial to start your job search with a diverse portfolio that demonstrates your experience creating Backbone.js applications. 

Some roles that use Backbone.js include:

  • JavaScript engineer: A JavaScript engineer has experience coding in JavaScript, as well as more advanced frameworks like Angular and React. They may use Backbone.js to easily manage their code when building complex applications. 

  • Front-end developer: A front-end developer focuses on bringing a UI design to life through CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Like a JavaScript engineer, they may depend on Backbone.js as a skeleton for their project. 

  • Full stack developer: With a background in both front- and back-end development, a full stack developer might use Backbone.js to oversee both their code and data. 

If you are interested in pursuing any of these careers, it’s important to remember to research their qualifications. The requirements to apply for these roles can depend on the employer and the position. Some employers may seek candidates with degrees, while others may want proof of specific skills, which can be learned in more specialized courses like a coding boot camp. Once you have identified the education and training requirements you will need, you can explore the courses offered through edX and align your learning journey with your professional aspirations. Get started today.

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