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Learn code migration with online courses and programs

Upgrade to a new environment to optimize your application’s performance. Learn how to perform a code migration with edX.

What is code migration?

Code migration is the process of transferring code from one environment to another. There are three types of code migration, including:

  • Moving from one version of a language to another version

  • Moving from the current language to the target language

  • Moving from one operating system to another

A code migration can improve the performance of your application, as modern programming languages often have better efficiency than legacy languages. Newer languages may also provide better reporting, analytics, and enhanced integration capabilities.

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Code migration tutorial curriculum

There are a variety of options for how to learn code migration, depending on your skill level. Beginners will want to start with an introductory courses, which may include topics such as:Footnote 1

  • Migration commands

  • Handling dependencies

  • Back-end code migration

  • Migration files

  • Code migration best practices

Learners can then move on to more advanced code migration courses, which may cover the following:Footnote 2

  • Data migrations

  • Adding migrations to apps

  • Error handling

  • Reversing migrations

  • Squashing migrations

  • Transactions

A comprehensive program can help learners acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become proficient in the programming and code migrations. With edX, you can study computer science and programming core concepts through a bachelor’s degree or an accelerated boot camp. Advanced learners can also opt to pursue a master’s degree, while professionals may leverage an executive education program to suit their busy work schedules. Find the right learning path to suit your needs. 

Explore jobs that use code migration 

The ability to perform a code migration might come in handy to a variety of different tech and programming roles. Some examples include:

  • Software developer: Developers build, test, and update software. Code migration can be used as part of a plan to update an application while updating to a new version or adding new features. Developers may handle the technical aspects of a code migration, and may work with other migration experts to develop and execute a migration plan. Developers may also build custom code migration apps to migrate custom code from one application to another.Footnote 3

  • Database administrator: These administrators manage and maintain the database environment within an organization. They create backup plans during code migration to prevent substantial data losses or other issues. In some cases, database administrators may work on more challenging tasks in migration projects. Furthermore, they may support developers working on various code migration projects, such as Informatica code migration to migrate code between Informatica tools.Footnote 4

  • Cloud engineer: These engineers work on the management of the cloud infrastructure. Code migration is relevant to cloud engineers as they play a crucial role in the code migration plan to transfer data to cloud platforms. For cloud engineers working with Magento, they use Magento code migration to upgrade to newer versions of Magento applications.Footnote 5

  • Cybersecurity specialist: These specialists use various cybersecurity technologies to protect a company’s infrastructure and prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities. They may use techniques like penetration testing on the migrated code to ensure that the code has not been left open to security risks by the migration process.Footnote 6

A solid understanding of programming is helpful to any job in which code migration tools are used. Accelerated boot camps offered through edX enable learners to quickly upskill on topics ranging from cybersecurity to data analytics. Start building the programming skills you need for these roles in a coding boot camp.

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