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Learn customer relationship management

Customer relationship management systems help sales teams nurture new customers and encourage customer loyalty. Learn how to manage customer relationships with online courses delivered through edX.

What is customer relationship management?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the process companies use to manage interactions with customers. A quality CRM system prevents customers from falling through the cracks and ensures all departments, from sales to customer service, are on the same page.

CRM is more than just contact information. Comprehensive data enables quality customer experiences at each point of the pipeline. It informs marketing campaigns, the sales process, and the nuances of customer interactions. It can also influence CRM processes and help companies decide which CRM software to choose.

CRM tools offer functions such as customer lifetime value forecasting, customer support, and lead generation. Some tools offer customization so that organizations can anticipate customers' needs while reducing tedious data entry. They can also improve the marketing teams' efforts with new customers and nurture existing relationships.

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Customer relationship management course curriculum

From business processes to workflows to marketing automation, the topics covered in online courses can enable both personal and professional growth in this field.

A professional certification series or course in CRM might teach:

  • Customer retention and follow-up

  • Lead management

  • Customer lifetime value principles

  • CRM systems

Learners can also explore different aspects of customer management and innovation. For example, they could learn how the customer lifecycle affects the bottom line, how to structure the innovation process, and how to manage innovation initiatives.

Careers in customer relationship management

As companies identify more sales leads, the sales cycle can become more difficult to manage. A CRM solution guided by professionals helps organize the process. Examples of jobs that use customer relationship management skills include:

  • CRM marketing manager

  • Consultant

  • Consumer marketing specialist

  • Client relationship manager

Explore how online courses in customer relationship management can advance your career and begin your learning journey today with edX.

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