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Learn ESLint with online courses and programs

ESLint is an open-source static code analysis tool for identifying and reporting error patterns found in JavaScript code. Learn ESLint to enforce code quality and consistency in your JavaScript programs.

What is ESLint?

ESLint is a static code analysis tool that helps developers write better JavaScript by analyzing code for potential errors and enforcing coding standards.Footnote 1 ESLint is a type of software known as a “linter” or “lint tool” which analyzes static code to flag potential bugs prior to execution. It’s an open-source tool and can run as a plug-in to many popular editors across the JavaScript ecosystem, making it easy to implement.

Using a linter, like ESLint, can help catch errors that would otherwise be difficult to spot. For instance, in JavaScript, a type error can occur when you write code that invokes a method on a variable that is not an object. By catching these errors ESLint helps save time and increases code quality.

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How can you use ESLint to improve your JavaScript code?

After taking a course or possibly earning ESLint certification, you’ll be well-equipped to use ESLint to help write better code.

ESLint improves code by detecting common programming mistakes. It can identify unused variables, enforce consistent formatting, and enforce the use of semicolons. By catching these errors early, developers can save time and effort and create more reliable and maintainable code.

Getting started with ESLint is easy thanks to flexible implementation options. You can run ESLint on the command line, integrate it into different code editors like VS Code, or integrate it into a project's build process through plugins.Footnote 2 You can also use ESLint with React and other popular frameworks in the JavaScript ecosystem.

ESLint tutorial curriculum

There are numerous online courses on how to learn ESLint. If you’re a beginner, an ESLint tutorial can start with an introduction that covers basics such as: 

  • The uses of ESLint

  • Configuration options for ESLint

  • ESLint rules and guidelines

  • Integration of ESLint into a code editor, like Visual Studio Code

Once you’re comfortable working with ESLint, you can move on to learning intermediate and advanced concepts such as:

  • How to create custom ESLint rules and use ESLint rule plugins

  • How to use ESLint with ES6 syntax

  • How to use ESLint formatters and customer formatters 

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Explore ESLint careers 

Any role that makes use of JavaScript can benefit from making sure code is error-free, consistent, and up to standard. Competence in ESLint can boost your readiness for many rewarding career paths, such as: 

  • Front-end developer: Uses ESLint to ensure their code adheres to guidelines and maintainability standards. This career path involves building user interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and ensuring that they are responsive, accessible, and performant.Footnote 3

  • Full-stack developer: Develops the front-end and back-end of web applications. They work on the entire application stack, from the user interface to the database.Footnote 4

  • React developer: Create web applications using the React library. They write reusable and maintainable code, integrate with APIs and back-end services, and implement user interfaces according to design specifications.Footnote 5

Each of these roles will have different education and skill requirements. For example, you may be able to build relevant web development skills in a coding boot camp. However, some employers may seek candidates with a degree in computer science, depending on the role. Before deciding on a specific learning path, research the positions you hope to pursue and align your coursework with your career goals.

How to use ESLint in your career

ESLint can benefit anyone who needs to write quality JavaScript code. By helping coders detect errors earlier on in the development process, a linting tool like this could ultimately save time. 

For example, consider a front-end developer working on a large codebase with multiple other coders. In such a scenario, it's crucial to maintain consistency in coding styles to avoid confusion and errors. By using ESLint, developers can enforce a set of linting rules and standards, which ensures that all developers follow the same style. Additionally, if a developer introduces a new bug or error in the code, ESLint can catch it early on, which saves time and effort in debugging and fixing the code.

Moreover, ESLint helps developers to adhere to coding best practices, such as maintaining proper indentation, using meaningful variable names, and avoiding unnecessary code duplication. This, in turn, makes the code more readable and maintainable for other developers, which is crucial in a team-based development environment.

Overall, using ESLint in your career can help you write better quality code and display and resolve error messages earlier in the development process.