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Learn Firebase with online courses and programs

Develop expertise in Firebase to build, launch, and manage apps. Learn Firebase with online courses delivered through edX.

What is Firebase?

Firebase is Google’s cloud-based application development platform. It allows app developers to create, launch, and manage iOS, Android, and web applications in a real-time NoSQL database program. It is equipped with software development kits (SDKs) that assist in building and tracking tools, analytics, performance monitoring, and integration. 

As a backend-as-a-service (BaaS) platform, Firebase provides all the essential tools for developing applications, such as database management, cloud storage, and hosting.Footnote 1 Firebase tools support developers throughout the entire process of application development, from infrastructure creation to app launch.Footnote 2

With Firebase, developers can:

  • Build and design applications for iOS, Android, and the web

  • Test, release, and monitor applications

  • Integrate authentication into a web app

  • Make improvements and fix bugs 

  • Gain insights from app users 

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Browse online Firebase courses

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What is covered in a Firebase tutorial?

A Firebase course can be an excellent way to learn Firebase, enhance your web development skills, and gain hands-on experience with all the tools offered in the Firebase database. A Firebase tutorial for beginners may cover topics such as :

  • Firebase fundamentals 

  • Managing users in Firebase

  • Cloud functions in Firebase

  • Security rules

  • Installation and use of Firebase Command Line Interface (CLI) tools

  • Environmental variables

  • Firebase hosting 

When studying how to use Firebase, learners may benefit from a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and coding languages such as JavaScript, C++, and Swift. If you’re looking to grow your skills, edX offers a range of online courses and programs in coding and development. 

Explore jobs that use Firebase

 Professionals in various roles use Firebase to design and operate apps. They include: 

  • Full-stack developers

  • Front-end developers

  • Back-end developers

  • Mobile developers

Full-stack developers can typically write code in multiple programming languages and navigate both front-end and back-end development processes. While a full-stack developer has experience managing the front-end and back-end of web and mobile applications, front-end and back-end developers specialize in their specific “end” of building apps. 

Many of these roles require specialized knowledge. Earning a bachelor's degree or master's degree in relevant disciplines such as computer science or web development can help prepare you for working in the field. You may also consider enrolling in a boot camp course to sharpen your development skills and gain hands-on experience.

How to use Firebase to build apps

Global companies of all sizes use Firebase to build, manage, and collaborate on applications. Developers can work in the Firebase Realtime Database to store, analyze, and interpret synced data in real time.Footnote 3 Because it’s equipped with all the tools and services developers need to create and maintain apps, Firebase can be a useful platform throughout the entire app development process. As part of Google Cloud, Firebase automatically syncs changes across platforms — which makes it efficient for developers.Footnote 4

While the educational and skills requirements for every developer job can vary, learners may find it beneficial to build knowledge about database systems, programming languages, and computer networks through an online bachelor’s degree in data science or computer science. For learners who may not want to commit to a full program, a more specialized coding boot camp can also teach about essential web development skills.

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