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Gender and sex are not interchangeable; gender refers to the socially constructed characteristics and norms related to masculinity and femininity. Learn about sex, gender, and gender identity with online courses in gender studies delivered through edX.

What is gender studies?

Gender studies examines how gender identity shapes behaviors, feelings, and societal power dynamics. It includes women’s studies, men’s studies, and queer studies. 

How people understand gender continues to evolve, reshaping notions about gender roles and challenging beliefs about gender identity. And different governments and societies across the world approach gender issues in different ways. Gender studies explores those differences, which can include policies that either promote or hinder gender equality. 

Addressing gender disparities relies on individuals with the necessary understanding of gender theory, gender differences, and gender roles in different societies. Online courses in gender studies can help learners eager to make a difference.

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Gender studies course curriculum

Gender studies as a discipline takes an academic view of gender and development and incorporates many of the teachings and approaches found in women's studies. The skills used include critical thinking, research, analysis, and communications. In addition to specific positions in academia, these studies prepare learners for myriad roles in the public and private sectors that depend upon these skills.

Courses pertaining to gender studies are available online in a number of introductory and advanced subjects. They can cover topics such as:

  • The ways gender intersects with religion, class, race, sexuality, nationalism, and equality.

  • Gender in literature, popular culture, and public discourse.

  • Immediate and long-term implications of gender inequality in different sectors.

Advanced courses often take the basic principles that underlie these historical and psychological studies and apply them to the private sector.

Careers in gender studies

Careers in gender studies are available in areas such as law, politics, academia, and more. Whether you are pursuing an academic career, searching for jobs in the public or private sectors, or want to expand your worldview, online college courses related to gender studies can take learners down a number of fulfilling paths. Begin your learning journey today with edX.

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