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Information Systems Courses

What are Information Systems?

Information systems are made of four critical pieces: people, structure, tasks, and technology. These four provide the framework for an organizational system designed to process and store your information. They're a vital part of your business's computer science strategy and provide a coherent system for operation. This piece of the computer science world allows organizations to operate within their chosen field. Now that everything we have is digital, it's an integral part of your framework and could determine everything from your tech decision making to what analytics you use.

Learn about Information Systems

Companies and organizations are looking for advice for proceeding in a digital world. They need experts who can understand the infrastructure and help build solutions directly into the business architecture. They need advice for what products to use and how to deploy efficiently. Learning about information systems gives you a competitive advantage because you'll be able to assess a company's needs and proceed accordingly. Your expertise in the management of information systems helps organizations find their best tech solutions.

Information Systems Courses

Indiana University's micro-masters series in Information Systems is offered in partnership with You'll gain an understanding of foundational concepts in computer systems, information technology, and the new technologies involved with the framework. The series is designed to introduce you to the digital core and everything associated with systems analysis, database management, enterprise resource planning, and a host of other valuable skills. Those of you looking to get ahead of IoT infrastructure can take a course in IoT systems with Waseda. You'll learn about the data analytics and problem-solving associated with launching an IoT initiative as well as the information security concerns that follow the implementation of IoT. You'll also learn the business intelligence behind crafting an effective IoT strategy. UP Valencia offers a course specifically for business professionals in IT fundamentals. You'll learn about business information systems, business intelligence, and other fundamentals of business IT. You'll learn how to make the best decisions in systems development for the company while gaining an understanding of problem-solving within the tech space.

Ignite Your Career with Information Systems Expertise

Whether you're moving to cloud computing or deciding what type of management systems to put into place, a thorough understanding of what goes into computer information systems is vital to the growth of your business or organization. These skills are a critical part of working efficiently with tech and provide you with a foundation for excellent decision making. Let edX help you gain the knowledge you need to provide direction for your own business or other organizations and launch your career.