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Learn JHipster with online courses and programs

Designed to make developers’ lives easier, JHipster can help you integrate the latest frameworks and architectures into your code without redundant work. Learn JHipster with online courses delivered through edX.

What is JHipster?

Certain software technologies and architectures have become so ubiquitous that developers will add boilerplate code implementing them at the outset of development, before any other code has been written. But this can be a repetitive, time-consuming process.

For developers searching for a better solution, JHipster can help. A free and open-source application generator, JHipster saves developers time by automatically creating code based on a user’s desired front-end and back-end frameworks, making development and deployment much easier.Footnote 1

JHipster supports many front-end and back-end technologies, including Angular, React, Vue, Ionic, Micronaut, Quarkus, and Node.js.Footnote 2 Developers specify which frameworks they would like to use, and JHipster then generates a number of files which act as the scaffold for the development project.Footnote 3

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JHipster tutorial curriculum

Before studying JHipster, you’ll need a solid foundation in Java programming and web development. While a JHipster project can streamline the coding process, it’s not a replacement for human skills. The generated application is really just a skeleton, and all functionality and design still has to be programmed by a skilled developer.Footnote 4

A JHipster course can begin by explaining what the tool is used for. It might also include some discussion of JHipster alternatives, as well as a refresher in Java programming and other languages. Some courses may explore the technologies used in JHipster, even if they’re not explicitly labeled as JHipster tutorials. 

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Explore jobs that use JHipster  

Software and web development professionals around the world use JHipster to streamline their work. Some of these professionals may have a bachelor’s or even a master’s degree in software development, or a related field, while others may practice their skills through tutorials or boot camps.

Whatever their educational background, professionals using JHipster leverage the tool in similar ways, with an eye towards reducing the amount of time spent writing boilerplate code. Examples include:Footnote 5

  • A Java developer uses JHipster to generate applications with existing frameworks in order to avoid spending time writing repetitive code.

  • A mobile app developer uses JHipster to develop apps using frameworks like Ionic and React Native.

  • A web developer uses JHipster to speed up the process of programming new web applications using popular frameworks.

How to use JHipster as a developer

If you’re already well-acquainted with Java programming and web development, integrating JHipster into your work may be simple. If you have less experience in these areas, learning JHipster may be more challenging. You’ll need a firm foundation in web development before you can begin to learn JHipster.Footnote 6

Once you have the right foundation, you can start reaping the benefits of using JHipster as a JavaScript or Java web developer. JHipster can eliminate much of the labor involved with writing boilerplate code and setting up libraries, allowing developers to focus on the more creative and engaging aspects of building web applications.Footnote 7

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