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TsinghuaX: 电磁学 | Electromagnetism

This course introduces the basics of electromagnetism. Learn the basics of electromagnetism.

电磁学 | Electromagnetism
7 weeks
5–6 hours per week
Progress at your own speed
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About this course

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In this physics course you will learn about electromagnetism, a branch of physics, which includes the study of electric and magnetic fields.

This is a seven-week course, broken up into both basic and advanced sections. Most learners and engineering students may choose to study only the basics. Those who want to learn at the level of a physics major should study the advanced sections of the course as well. However, the final examination will only cover the basic parts.

This electromagnetics course mainly studies electric fields and magnetic fields, and generally requires 28 hours (about 7 weeks). The videos are divided into basic content and improved content (star or double star). Ordinary learners and engineering students only need to choose basic content to study. To meet the learning requirements of physics majors, they need to learn additional improved content. The final exam only covers basic content.

At a glance

  • Language: 中文
  • Video Transcript: 中文
  • Associated skills:Electromagnetism, Physics

What you'll learn

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Electric and magnetic fields

What you'll learn:

Electric and magnetic fields

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