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Science is the foundation for understanding nearly everything we know about how and why humans exist. Whether you’re pursuing a new career or are curious about a specific branch of science, edX offers online science courses for every level of learner.

What is science?

To understand science, consider the steps of the scientific method: make an observation, ask a question, form a hypothesis, make a prediction from that hypothesis, test the prediction, and use the findings to make new hypotheses and predictions. Science encompasses all of the knowledge we have acquired about the world through this process, as well as the process itself. 

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How to learn science online

To understand specific disciplines under the umbrella of science, learners have the option of pursuing online coursework in various branches, including, but not limited to, nutritional science, actuarial science, environmental science, and human biology. From foundational tutorials to advanced courses, a variety of educational opportunities are available that can fit different learners’ needs. Courses can cover everything from basic human anatomy and physiology, to the chemical and physical principles of everyday cooking. edX makes it easy to explore all available programs, courses, and certificate options.

Careers in science

Science can provide a rewarding career for anyone with a natural-born curiosity. It can be applied in a laboratory searching for a cure to an epidemic, in a remote jungle watching how animals interact, or in a kitchen finding new ways of cooking. Explore how learning science can be applied to your life with courses delivered through edX, and begin your educational journey today.

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