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IIMBx: Services Marketing: Concepts & Applications

Learn the core concepts of marketing services and their applications across industries and businesses from a customer as well as a managerial perspective.

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About this course

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The spectrum of services is remarkably diverse. As consumers, we continue to add services to make our lives simpler, productive and more enjoyable. Be it banking, healthcare, hospitality, airline, communication and connections. One way or the other, we consume and experience a variety of services everyday.

New services are being launched regularly. Many of them have transformed the industries and the economies. This course aims to equip learners to understand the opportunities and challenges in marketing and managing services.

You will understand about the characteristics of services and their implications on conceptualization, design, and delivery. You will also get to understand the need for coordinated organizational effort through marketing, human resources and operations in delivering superior service.

Drawing on research and examples from successful businesses, this course will equip learners with frameworks and models that can be applied in a variety of service contexts.

The discussions in the course will revolve around the fundamental concepts of services marketing and best practices across industries and business models.

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  • Associated skills: Services Marketing, Operations, Marketing, Hospitality, Communications

What you'll learn

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  • Fundamentals of services marketing
  • Strategic and tactical aspects of services marketing
  • Branding services
  • Services marketing mix
  • Delivering service value
  • Service quality and excellence

Week 01: Fundamentals of Services Marketing

What are Services, its Nature and characteristics, service encounter, consumer behavior, and strategic & tactical aspects of services marketing.

Week 02: Service Product & Branding

What is a Service Product, Concept of brand and its uses.

Week 03: Price & Promotion of Services

Pricing challenges, Pricing program, Revenue Management, Promotion mix, Promotion & Advertising strategies.

Week_04: Place & Process Decisions

Place and Process Decisions

Week_05: People & Physical Evidence

People management in service organizations and importance of Physical Evidence in Services Marketing

Week_06: Service Excellence Service Excellence, Delivering Value, Service Quality, Service Recovery.

This course is part of Digital Marketing Professional Certificate Program

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