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DoaneX: Lifestyle Medicine Fundamentals

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Learn key concepts of evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic approaches used to prevent and treat the root causes of lifestyle-related, chronic diseases.

Lifestyle Medicine Fundamentals
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About this course

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In this course, you will explore the core Lifestyle Medicine principles that form the foundation of this emerging field of patient care and learn why the application of lifestyle medicine is needed.

Lifestyle Medicine involves the use of evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic approaches, to prevent, treat, and, oftentimes, reverse the root causes of lifestyle-related, chronic disease that's all too prevalent.

This course will review the role of oxidative stress, microbiome, and epigenetic as root causes of chronic disease and how environmental factors contribute. We will also explore the core lifestyle principles of exercise, sleep, and stress management.

At a glance

  • Institution: DoaneX
  • Subject: Medicine
  • Level: Introductory
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What you'll learn

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  • Define the key concepts of Oxidative Stress, Microbiome, and Epigenetics.
  • Identify the role that the Oxidative Stress, Microbiome, and Epigenetics play in human health.
  • Recognize the interaction of exercise with our overall health.
  • Recognize how sleep and stress management interacts with our overall health.
  • Comprehend how the physical environments impact chronic diseases of lifestyle

This course is part ofLifestyle Medicine: Improving the Future of Health Care Professional Certificate Program

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