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LinuxFoundationX: Introduction to Node.js

Get started with Node.js, the most popular open source JavaScript runtime. Discover the ways in which Node.js helps in everyday computing scenarios, from service-mocking, rapid-prototyping and real-time applications, to Command Line Interfaces (CLI).

Introduction to Node.js
7 weeks
1–2 hours per week
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About this course

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Introduction to Node.js is designed for frontend or back-end developers who would like to become more familiar with the fundamentals of Node.js and its most common use cases. Before enrolling, students should know how to use a command line terminal, and have some familiarity with JavaScript.

In this course, you will learn how to rapidly build command line tools, mock RESTful JSON APIs and prototype real-time services. You will also discover and use various ecosystem and Node core libraries, and come away understanding common use cases for Node.js.

By immersing the student in a full-stack development experience, this course helps to bring context to Node.js as it relates to the Web Platform while providing students with a pragmatic foundation in building various types of real-world Node.js applications. At the same time, the general principles and key understandings introduced by this course can prepare the student for further study towards the OpenJS Node.js Application Developer (JSNAD) and OpenJS Node.js Services Developer (JSNSD) certifications.

At a glance

  • Institution: LinuxFoundationX
  • Subject: Computer Science
  • Level: Introductory
  • Prerequisites:
    • Knowledge of how to use a command line terminal.
    • Basic JavaScript knowledge.
  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English
  • Associated skills:Full Stack Development, JavaScript (Programming Language), Web Platforms, Application Programming Interface (API), Front End Design, JSON, Command-Line Interface, Node.js, RESTful API, Rapid Prototyping

What you'll learn

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  • How to rapidly build command line tools.

  • How to rapidly mock RESTful JSON APIs.

  • How to rapidly prototype real-time services.

  • Discover and use ecosystem utilities.

  • Welcome!
  • Chapter 1: Setting up
  • Chapter 2: Service Mocking
  • Chapter 3: Going Real-Time
  • Chapter 4: Building CLI Tools
  • Chapter 5: Navigating the Ecosystem
  • Chapter 6: What’s Next?
  • Final Exam (Verified Certificate track only)

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