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Are you passionate about health and nutrition? Would you love to help educate others to encourage healthy eating habits? A career as a nutritionist may be right for you. Learn nutrition with online courses delivered through edX.

What is nutrition?

Nutrition is a science concerned with the utilization of food by an organism. Nutrition, when applied to human food consumption, seeks to find the best combination and quantity of nutrients for growth, health, vitality, and a long life. This involves studying the nutritional components of foods and their impact on the body. Professionals in this field understand the nutritional requirements of people of various ages, sizes and activity levels. They also study the relationship between diet, health, and disease, designing meals and nutrition programs that lead to healthier lifestyles.

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Nutrition course curriculum

An online course can help learners gain a better understanding of how food and nutrition impact health. For example, topics could include:

  • The different ways that fat, carbohydrates, and protein create energy for the body.

  • The nutritional value and basic chemistry of vitamins and minerals and the role they play in the body.

  • The various food production strategies that can help combat malnutrition and reduce global hunger.

  • The risks of bacteria or pesticides in food.

Careers in nutrition

In addition to an undergraduate degree in food science, biology or a similar field, nutritionists are sometimes required to earn a special nutrition certification in order to practice in the field. However, the requirements for a position will depend on the title and organization’s needs. Some examples of potential jobs for someone with experience in nutrition include:

  • Nutritional aide

  • Nutritionist

  • Dietician

  • Food service associate

  • Health coach

  • Nutrition writer

  • Food technologist

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