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Learn Smarty with online courses and programs

Smarty helps you create and maintain web pages in a simplified way. Master this robust template engine to upgrade your web development skills.

What is Smarty?

Smarty is a template engine for PHP, which helps developers separate the presentation layer from the logic layer in web applications. It provides a standard syntax for templating so that you can create and maintain web pages in a simplified way. Also, it enables you to reuse code and layouts across pages.Footnote 1

Smarty programmers can create templates that contain HTML, CSS, and other presentation-related code, along with placeholders for dynamic data to be filled at runtime. This template engine also provides a range of built-in functions and filters for manipulating data and formatting output.

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Smarty tutorial curriculum

If you’re interested in how to learn Smarty, you can start with an online course. Smarty tutorials may provide:

  • Overview of web development and its challenges

  • Explanation of template engines and their benefits

  • Introduction to the Smarty template engine and its advantages

  • A detailed review of Smarty's features

  • Explanation of Smarty's benefits for developers and designers

  • Review of the basic syntax of templates for Smarty designers

  • Introduction to advanced features such as security, template inheritance, and output filters

After you have developed foundational knowledge of Smarty, you can move on to intermediate and advanced courses, where you can learn about: 

  • Changing settings by template

  • Using prefilters, postfilters, and output filters

  • Creating and using Smarty plugins

  • Using the built-in Smarty debugger to identify and fix issues in your templates

  • Customizing error messages

  • Implementing security features and techniques 

  • Presenting a project and receiving feedback from peers and instructors

Learning how to use Smarty can supplement your knowledge of web and software development. edX offers a variety of educational opportunities for learners interested in studying these topics, as well as a host of other disciplines. A boot camp can provide flexible, hands-on learning for those who want to upskill quickly, while executive education courses are designed for busy professionals. You can also pursue a more comprehensive curriculum in a bachelor’s degree program or, for more advanced learners, a master’s degree program. Find the right learning path for you.

Explore Smarty jobs

In PHP-based web development, Smarty is a popular templating engine for creating dynamic web pages and web applications. Different jobs in web development and marketing may require the use of Smarty, from e-commerce development to email marketing campaigns. Jobs roles in which knowledge of Smarty can come in handy include: 

  • Shopware developer: Develops and maintains e-commerce websites using the Shopware platform.Footnote 2

  • Campaign developer: Creates and manages marketing campaigns for businesses, which can involve developing landing pages, email campaigns, and other promotional materials.Footnote 3

  • Web developer: Builds and maintains websites leveraging various technologies to create dynamic web pages and applications.Footnote 4

  • Email marketing consultant: Creates and manages email marketing campaigns for businesses by designing and developing email templates that are responsive and visually appealing.Footnote 5

  • PHP developer: Develops web applications using the PHP programming language to create dynamic and interactive web pages with various tools and frameworks.Footnote 6

  • Front-end developer: Designs and develops the user interface of a website using various technologies to create visually appealing and responsive web pages.Footnote 7

  • Back-end developer: Develops the server-side logic of a web application using various programming languages and tools to create dynamic and scalable web applications.Footnote 8

  • Full-stack developer: Responsible for front-end and back-end development, using various tools and frameworks to create dynamic web applications.Footnote 9

  • WordPress developer: Develops and maintains websites using the WordPress platform and various technologies to create dynamic and responsive websites.Footnote 10

These jobs require different skill sets and levels of expertise, but they can all use Smarty to create dynamic web pages and applications. If one of these jobs interests you, coding boot camps can be a good choice for an educational path that helps you build a practical portfolio you can use in your job search.

How to use Smarty in your career

Smarty is a helpful tool for web development and marketing professionals. With its robust features, Smarty makes it easier to create dynamic and responsive web pages and web applications. 

For example, Shopware developers can utilize Smarty as a templating engine to design the front-end of e-commerce websites built on the Shopware platform. With Smarty, they can create the website's visual elements, such as the layout, buttons, forms, and product pages. Users interact with these elements when they visit the website and make their purchases. 

Similarly, campaign developers can use Smarty as a templating engine to create landing pages and email templates for marketing campaigns. Smarty can help them develop and modify templates quickly and efficiently. Plus, these templates can be reused for different campaigns with minor modifications, which can save a great deal of time and effort in creating marketing materials. 

Other tech professionals benefit from Smarty, which enables them to save time with templates and focus on other aspects of their projects.

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