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LSE: Statistics Fundamentals Proctored Exam

Test your knowledge and ability to apply the concepts and methods from the four courses included in the LSE MicroBachelors program in Statistics Fundamentals and take your first step towards further study at undergraduate level or upskill in high-growth careers.

Statistics Fundamentals Proctored Exam
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About this course

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This proctored examination assesses all concepts, methods and techniques introduced across the following four courses within the LSE MicroBachelors program in Statistics Fundamentals:

Statistics 1: Introductory statistics, probability and estimation

Statistics 1: Statistical methods

Statistics 2: Probability and distribution theory

Statistics 2: Statistical inference ****

It is two hours in duration and must be sat under online proctored conditions.

It is the final step towards completing the LSE MicroBachelors program in Statistics Fundamentals and you must pass with a mark of 60% or higher to gain your certificate.

At a glance

  • Institution: LSE
  • Subject: Data Analysis & Statistics
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Prerequisites:

    This is the final assessment for the LSE MicroBachelors program in Statistics Fundamentals. Before you take this assessment, you should ensure you have taken and passed each of the four respective courses listed above, have engaged with all the learning materials and fully understood the concepts, methods and techniques introduced.

  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English
  • Associated programs:
  • Associated skills: Statistics, Probability

What you'll learn

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The following topics are assessed within this exam:

● Mathematical revision and the nature of statistics

● Data visualisation and descriptive statistics

● Probability theory

● The normal distribution and ideas of sampling

● Point and interval estimation

● Hypothesis testing I

● Hypothesis testing II

● Contingency tables and the chi-squared test

● Sampling design and some ideas underlying causation

● Correlation and linear regression

● Probability theory I

● Probability theory II

● Random variables

● Common distributions of random variables

● Multivariate random variables

● Sampling distributions of statistics

● Point estimation I

● Point estimation II and interval estimation

● Hypothesis testing

● Analysis of variance (ANOVA)

This course is part of Statistics Fundamentals MicroBachelors Program

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