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Web Accessibility Courses

Learn about web accessibility with online courses and lessons on edX!

What is Web Accessibility?

The internet has made great strides in assisting people with disabilities. Where the blind were once dependent on others to read even the daily paper, they now have access to information arranged in ways that work around their disability. Web accessibility is the concept of making what's on the internet available to all. That's not "to all who can see" or "to all who can hear" but to all, period. Accessible websites and other assistive technologies have been around for decades, but as billions more people come online, our understanding of accessibility must change. The expansion of accessibility is foremost on our minds as we contemplate the web of the future. Although there is great possibility for website accessibility, we're still falling far short of the internet's potential. Accessibility issues range from large scale initiatives to caption videos to simple operational standards. What if someone isn't able to manipulate a mouse, for example? These small things add up to determine if website accessible sites truly exist.

Learn about Web Accessibility

Accessibility standards are quickly becoming a vital part of the development of the internet. The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) publish official guidelines, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), to gently guide web developers to a more inclusive build. WCAG 2.0 was released in 2008 and became an ISO standard, with subsequent iterations further clarifying standards. As you consider the user experience both on the web and increasingly on mobile devices, think of how accessibility tools will transform internet usage for the estimated one-fifth of internet users with some kind of disability. From there, equitable web design can flow. offers courses and certifications designed to teach you about the newest advances in web accessibility. You'll learn from innovators in the field and be more prepared to bring accessible user interfaces to the forefront.

Web Accessibility Courses

W3C's course, Introduction to Web Accessibility, goes over some of the most basic kinds of accessibility tools. It includes an overview of accessible rich internet applications to simple tools like color contrast or alternative text. AWS offers a look at accessibility within a broader context in its course, Optimizing on AWS. This includes development tools, a look at attaining accessibility in the process of development. In addition, many other courses offer complete looks at building web pages, applications, and other tools on the internet while keeping accessibility standards at the forefront.

Development with Accessibility While organizations like WebAim are working to increase accessibility, your development methods can benefit from a deeper understanding of building a more equitable internet. Digital accessibility is one of the most significant issues in the future of the internet. With your knowledge and expertise, we could reinvent the world wide web truly to include everyone.