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What is an LLM? 

An LLM is a Master of Laws degree. An online LLM is a Master of Laws degree that is gained through online learning. There are various types of LLM programs: the general LLM, and then the specialized LLM. Specialized LLM programs focus on concentrations such as trade law, international business law, environmental law, or tax law. An online LLM degree program allows learners to take advantage of global networking opportunities, opening the doors to legal opportunities across the globe in business and law.

Online LLM requirements for admission

The application requirements for online LLM programs vary by school; however, most have the same general submission requirements:

  • Juris Doctor (JD) or international equivalent 

  • Transcripts

  • Statement of purpose

  • Résumé

  • Letter of recommendation

Each online LLM program will require different admissions materials. Before applying, check the requirements for each program in which you’re interested.

How to apply

Online LLM programs have online application processes where prospective learners can apply for admission. Each school will have its admission deadlines clearly labeled on its program site, and many schools also will have a way to request more information. After acquiring the recommended documents necessary for applying to the program, many schools will ask you to create an account to upload your application and paperwork. From there, many schools will offer information for tuition discounts and financial aid opportunities.

What you’ll learn 

Online Master of Laws programs can have varied curriculums. LLM program requirements vary by school. Courses can include: 

  • Introduction to the U.S. Law and Legal System: This course provides the basics of the process and methods of the laws in America, focusing primarily on the judicial branch of the U.S. government, and how the legal system was developed.

  • Torts: This course focuses on giving learners a working knowledge of how tort law works in the United States.

  • Constitutional Law: This course focuses on the U.S. Constitution, and how it is interpreted and reinterpreted by the Supreme Court. It focuses on the fundamentals of substantive constitutional law through case law, and the responsibilities between the legislature and the judiciary, the state and the nation, and the individual and the government.

  • Civil Procedure: This course examines how state and federal court systems handle civil disputes. Evidence discovery is also discussed.

Prior to these programs, learners are required to obtain a law degree or the international equivalent.

Online LLM degree concentrations

There are many different online Master of Laws programs depending on the school. Each concentration has its own unique classes, aimed at providing the learner with the skills necessary for the specialization.

Online LLM degree program specializations vary by school, but can include: taxation, real estate law, intellectual property law, international law, estate planning, and corporate law and finance.

Some programs also offer certificate tracks such as a certificate in: business law, compliance, financial compliance, healthcare compliance, privacy law and cybersecurity, or social work administration. 

What can you do with an LLM? 

There are many international and national job opportunities for lawyers with an online LLM degree. Many lawyers with a Master of Laws degree pursue environmental law, family law, tax law, securities law, and intellectual property law. 

  • Environmental law: Lawyers specializing in environmental law focus on protecting the environment through enforcing environmental laws and working with governmental organizations, private citizens, and businesses.

  • Family law: Lawyers specializing in family law focus on divorces, annulments, child custody, child support, prenuptial agreements, alimony, and adoptions. They focus on anything that has to do with relationships within a family.

  • Tax law: Lawyers specializing in tax law are the U.S. tax system experts of the legal profession. They help both individuals and businesses understand and comply with local, state, and federal tax laws. 

  • Securities law: Lawyers specializing in securities law help businesses and individuals with cases involving the Securities Exchange Commission and the Internal Revenue Service. They often work on cases involving banking, stock trading, or the treasury.

  • Intellectual property law: Lawyers specializing in intellectual property help clients with patents, trademarks, copyrights, and licensing for their inventions and creations, making sure clients are equipped to handle any infringement issues brought to them, and to make sure they don’t infringe on anyone else’s intellectual property.

LLM degree salary and job outlook

LLM degree salaries vary by location and type of law; however, the median salary for a lawyer is more than $135,000.Footnote 1 Additionally, through 2032, the field is expected to grow by 8%, with more than 39,100 new jobs expected each year.Footnote 2

Additional learning opportunities

There are many online master’s degree programs available, including online MLS programs, as well as online bachelor’s degree programs. There are also many programs available where you can learn business law or international law, or gain an executive education in law.

Frequently asked questions

A Master of Laws degree is an advanced degree for lawyers that offers a specialization for lawyers to use while practicing law.

The cost of an LLM will depend on many factors. You can explore the various programs available to find one within your budget that aligns with your career goals. Some programs even offer financial assistance.

No, a JD or international equivalent is a prerequisite for an LLM.

LLM degree online programs vary in duration; however, many can be completed in as few as 12 months or as many as two years.

An LLM degree can help open doors to networking opportunities, new career options, and salary increases. It’s a degree that allows you to carve a path toward reaching your professional goals through additional skills and knowledge. 

An LLM degree can allow you to specialize in a field of law that you’re interested in, potentially making you more attractive to clients and law firms. Salaries for LLM degree recipients can vary; the median salary for a lawyer is more than $135,000.Footnote 3 Additionally, through 2023, the field is expected to grow by 8%, with more than 39,100 new jobs expected each year.Footnote 4

You can choose the best online LLM program for yourself by exploring the programs that meet your needs and interests, and those where you meet or exceed the admission criteria.

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