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What is an online IT degree? 

An online master’s in information technology degree prepares learners with the management and technical skills, practices, and know-how to fulfill leadership roles and specialized career paths within the IT industry. Specializations often available in IT programs include cybersecurity, data science, software engineering, network management, and IT project management.

Those interested in advancing their careers in the IT field, specializing in a particular area, or transitioning into leadership and management roles will find an online information technology master’s program a worthwhile and potentially lucrative pursuit.

What is IT management?

IT management is the discipline and practice of planning, organizing, and overseeing an organization's IT resources and activities to effectively and efficiently achieve its business goals and objectives. IT management encompasses a wide range of technology, systems, and people responsibilities within an organization's IT department. An online master’s in information technology prepares IT management professionals to help organizations improve their processes, innovate, and achieve strategic objectives.

Admission requirements for an online MS in information technology

The general admission requirements for a master’s in information technology online program vary but may include an online bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.

During the application process, the school will review your completed coursework and GPA, using your official transcripts to determine whether you’re ready for the program. Generally, an online master’s degree in information technology program will have a minimum GPA requirement for admission in addition to the admission requirements for the school. The school may also request a résumé to consider any relevant work experience related to the program you’re applying for. Depending on the school and program, you may have to submit letters of recommendation and proof of completion for any prerequisite courses. Often, with a master’s in information technology, no GRE is required, with the school prioritizing experience over standardized testing.

To learn about the specific requirements for different online master’s programs, request information from the universities you’re interested in or visit their admissions pages.

How to apply to an online master's in information technology program

The specific application requirements for an online master's in information technology may vary by institution, but generally, applicants will need to provide undergraduate transcripts, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and a résumé highlighting relevant work or academic experience. Additionally, some master’s in information technology online programs may require standardized test scores (such as the GRE) and proof of English proficiency for international applicants.

Visit each program’s online master’s degree in information technology page to explore the school’s specific application instructions.

Online MS in information technology curriculum

During an online master’s in information technology program, learners will practice and develop the skills to help organizations navigate complex technological challenges and make informed decisions about their IT infrastructure and strategy. 

Topics typically covered in online MS in information technology programs include:

  • Information systems management

  • Cybersecurity

  • Data management and analytics

  • Network management

  • Web development

It may be beneficial for learners to look into online executive education information technology programs to prepare for an online MS in information technology if any of these topics feel intimidating.

To help participants learn information technology or learn IT support, various master’s in information technology online programs devote large sections of their curriculum to courses which involve identifying and solving complex IT problems. Typically, the curriculum also includes the opportunity to learn network security skills. Other specializations linked to information technology master’s online programs allow students to learn information security or learn data management.

Information technology careers

To maintain an organization’s information systems, including its hardware, software, and data, an IT professional must have the robust knowledge base that an online master’s in information technology can provide. 

In today’s highly digitized world, many businesses across various industries are prioritizing the management of their IT infrastructure. As such, graduates from online master’s in information technology programs go on to work in diverse industries such as:

  • Business intelligence

  • IT

  • Healthcare

  • Entertainment

  • Fashion

  • Nonprofit

  • Retail

  • Finance

Specific roles in these industries include:

  • IT manager or IT director

As an IT manager or director, online master’s in information technology graduates oversee an organization's entire IT infrastructure. This role includes managing IT teams, budgets, and projects to ensure the efficient and secure operation of technology systems.

  • IT consultant

Upon finishing an online master’s degree in information technology program, an IT consultant can provide expert advice to businesses and organizations to help them solve IT-related problems, improve efficiency, and implement new technologies. Consultants often work for consulting firms or as independent contractors.

  • Cybersecurity analyst/manager

With the increasing importance of cybersecurity, professionals in this field are in high demand. Information technology master’s online degree holders know how to protect an organization's computer systems and networks from security breaches and cyberattacks.

  • Data scientist/data analyst

Data scientists and analysts work with data to extract valuable insights and inform strategic decision making. These specialized graduates of online MS information technology programs use statistical analysis, data mining, and machine learning techniques to analyze and interpret data.

  • Network administrator/engineer

Network administrators and engineers are responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining an organization's computer networks. Upon finishing an online master’s degree in information technology program, graduates in this role will manage hardware, software, and security protocols.

  • Software developer/engineer

Software developers create, test, and maintain software applications. Information technology master’s online degree holders may specialize in web development, mobile app development, or enterprise software development to enter this role.

  • Database administrator

Database administrators manage and maintain databases used to store and retrieve an organization's data. These online MS information technology program graduates ensure data integrity, security, and optimal performance.

  • Cloud solutions architect

Cloud architects design and implement cloud computing solutions for organizations. An information technology master’s online degree holder can help businesses migrate to the cloud and optimize their cloud infrastructure for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • Business analyst

Business analysts bridge the gap between IT and business needs. Those who have completed an online master's in IT can work to understand an organization's requirements and help IT teams develop solutions that align with business goals.

  • Project manager

IT project managers oversee IT projects from planning to execution, ensuring they’re completed on time and within budget. An information technology master’s online graduate will work closely with cross-functional teams.

  • IT educator/instructor

With an online master's in IT, graduates can also consider a career in academia or as an instructor, teaching IT-related courses at the college or university level.

  • Chief information officer (CIO)

In larger organizations, the CIO is responsible for the company’s overall IT strategy and management. Graduates of information technology master’s online programs in this position make strategic decisions about technology investments to align IT infrastructure with business objectives.

Frequently asked questions

This degree allows you to explore a wide range of careers in information technology, including potentially high-paying information technology jobs spanning sectors such as healthcare, finance, and technology.

An online MS in information technology typically emphasizes practical, industry-specific skills and focuses on IT management, cybersecurity, data analysis, and specialized IT areas. In contrast, an online master's in computer science has a more theoretical approach and explores advanced programming, algorithms, and computer system design.

Whether this degree is worth pursuing depends on your career goals and aspirations. It offers specialized knowledge and skills in the field of IT, which can lead to various high-paying roles and career advancement opportunities. However, you should carefully consider factors such as program cost, time commitment, and the specific job market in your area of interest before joining a program.

In healthcare, information technology jobs focus on using digital systems, software, and hardware to manage and exchange health-related data and information. IT plays a crucial role in managing electronic health records, telemedicine, medical imaging, and improving patient care through efficient data management and analysis.

The duration of an online master's degree in information technology varies from program to program. Typically, it takes about 1.5 to 2 years for full-time students to earn their degree.

An online MS in information technology degree emphasizing IT management will equip you with leadership skills and specialized IT knowledge, enhancing your career prospects in IT management and related roles. However, it's essential to weigh program costs and the potential for increased earning potential before you decide on a program.

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