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Professional Certificate in
From Database to Dashboard using SQL and Power BI

What you will learn

  • Use a relational database to query data and shape results.
  • Create and modify data in tables.
  • Identify and work with business-oriented data sets.
  • Import and prepare data for loading into a data model.
  • Create and share fully functional Power BI reports and dashboards.

Diversify your data analytics toolkit. In this certificate you will learn how to communicate with databases and extract data for reporting and analytics using SQL (Structured Query Language). You will query and analyze data from complex relational databases. Then you will learn ways to visualize and communicate the stories within data with Microsoft Power BI, one of the world’s leading business analytics platforms. Throughout the program, you'll become confident in working with data, creating data visualizations, and preparing reports and dashboards that deliver crucial data insights.

Expert instruction
2 skill-building courses
Progress at your own speed
2 months
7 - 13 hours per week
Discounted price: $448.20
Pre-discounted price: $498USD
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Courses in this program

  1. DavidsonX's From Database to Dashboard using SQL and Power BI Professional Certificate

  2. 10–20 hours per week, for 4 weeks

    Step up your analytics game and learn one of the most in-demand job skills in the United States. Content rebooted in September 2023!

  3. 3–5 hours per week, for 4 weeks

    In this introduction to SQL Online Course you will gain strong underdstanidng and utilize SQL to aggregate, manipulate, analyze, and visualize data in your field.

    • Over 300k job openings in data analytics.
    • 10% job growth over the next 3 years.
    • Entry level jobs average salaries of $60k - $70k.

Meet your instructor
from Davidson College (DavidsonX)

Pete Benbow
Team Lead for Analytics and Business Intelligence
Davidson College

Experts from DavidsonX committed to teaching online learning

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Discounted price: $448.20
Pre-discounted price: $498USD
2 courses in 2 months
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