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From Nursing to NGO Work – Changing Careers with a MicroMasters Program Credential: Meet Mandela


I’ve been following edX for some time, and first heard about the MicroMasters program, Leadership in Global Development, from University of Queensland, in the edX newsletter. I have always wanted to be a global leader, and this course seemed like the first step to get there. There was even an opportunity to gain entrance to a prestigious university if I earned the credential! I couldn’t let the chance slip by.

The courses were everything I hoped they would be! The professors have experience from all parts of the development field, and listening to authors and world leaders they interviewed throughout the program was inspiring. My favorite part of the program was the capstone project, where I wrote my intervention capstone and got to use the knowledge I learned throughout the MicroMasters program.

While taking the program I was working as a nurse, where I come into contact with a lot of politicians and organizational leaders. When they heard me talk about what I learned from the MicroMasters program, they were impressed. One professor I met during my job was so impressed that he put me into contact with someone at an NGO. There, I interviewed and got a job as a Project Officer on a USAID/ADVANCE funded project in agro chemical container disposal advocacy in the Upper East region of Ghana. I actually was just offered a new job with a Canadian NGO, Basecamp Ghana, as a National Programs Coordinator.

I owe my recent success to my MicroMasters credential, as it was the first step towards my dream career. And I even have the opportunity to have it count towards college credit if I choose to pursue the full Master of Leadership in Global Development degree at the University of Queensland. I was fortunate enough to win the University of Queensland Scholarship, which I will apply towards full Master Leadership in Global Development program.

I’ve recommended MicroMasters programs and edX to all my family and friends, some of which have joined me in taking the MicroMasters program in Leadership in Global Development! Because of the success I’ve earned with the first MicroMasters credential, I’m currently pursuing a second one: International Law from the Université Catholique de Louvain. Global development is my passion, and edX is helping me to achieve it.

Last updated: May 2018