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Explore the history of women in America

XSeries Program in
Women Have Always Worked

What you will learn

  • How women’s participation in, exclusion from, and impact on American economic, political, and social life have altered American history
  • How key figures and events have challenged the role of women in the home and workplace
  • How ideas, such as democracy, citizenship, liberty, patriotism, and equality have differently shaped the lives of women and men
  • How women of different races and classes have experienced work, both inside and outside the home
  • How historians of women and gender study America’s past, including hands-on opportunities to practice analyzing primary sources from the present and the past
  • How women’s history has developed and changed over time
Expert instruction
4 high-quality courses
Progress at your own speed
11 months
2 - 3 hours per week
Discounted price: $180
Pre-discounted price: $200USD
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Courses in this program

  1. ColumbiaX's Women Have Always Worked XSeries Program

Meet your instructors
from Columbia University (ColumbiaX)

Columbia University Center for Teaching and Learning
New-York Historical Society
Nick Juravich
Suzanne Kahn
Alice Kessler-Harris
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