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Explore water management concepts and technologies

XSeries Program in
Water Management

What you will learn

  • An understanding of the global water cycle and its various processes
  • The mechanisms of climate change and their effects on water systems
  • Drinking treatment and quality of groundwater and surfacewater
  • The major pollutants that are present in the sewage
  • The physical, chemical, and biological processes involved in water treatment and distribution
  • How urban water services function and the technologies they use

Safe water supply and hygienic water treatment are prerequisites for the well-being of communities all over the world. This Water XSeries, offered by the water management experts of TU Delft, will give you a unique opportunity to gain access to world-class knowledge and expertise in this field.

This 3-course series will cover questions such as: How does climate change affect water cycle and public safety? How to use existing technologies to treat groundwater and surface water so we have safe drinking water? How do we take care of sewage produced in the cities on a daily basis? You will learn what are the physical, chemical and biological processes involved; carry out simple experiments at home; and have the chance to make a basic design of a drinking water treatment plant

Expert instruction
3 high-quality courses
Progress at your own speed
6 months
6 - 8 hours per week
Discounted price: $375.30
Pre-discounted price: $417USD
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Courses in this program

  1. DelftX's Water Management XSeries Program

  2. 6–8 hours per week, for 10 weeks

    Water is a crucial element in climate and for society. Find out about the latest engineering interventions for water management in rivers, coasts and the urban environment.

  3. 6–8 hours per week, for 7 weeks

    Learn about urban water services, focusing on conventional technologies for drinking water treatment.

  4. 6–8 hours per week, for 7 weeks

    Learn about urban water services, focusing on basic sewage treatment technologies.

  5. These courses can be taken in any order.

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Discounted price: $375.30
Pre-discounted price: $417USD
3 courses in 6 months
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