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Professional Certificate in
Developing Blockchain-Based Identity Applications

What you will learn

  • Understand the problems with existing Internet identity/trust mechanisms today and learn how a distributed ledger, such as Hyperledger Indy, can be used for identity.
  • Discuss the purpose, scope, and relationship between Aries, Indy, and Ursa and understand how these open source blockchain technologies provide reliable self-sovereign identity solutions that add a necessary layer of trust to the Internet.
  • Understand the Aries architecture and its components, as well as the DIDComm protocol for peer-to-peer messages.
  • Deploy instances of Aries agents and establish a connection between two or more Aries agents.
  • Create from scratch or extend Aries agents to add business logic and understand the possibilities available through the implementation of Aries agents.
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2 skill-building courses
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4 months
3 - 4 hours per week
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Courses in this program

  1. LinuxFoundationX's Developing Blockchain-Based Identity Applications Professional Certificate

Meet your instructors
from The Linux Foundation (LinuxFoundationX)

Carol Howard
Technical Writer
Cloud Compass Computing, Inc.
Stephen Curran
Software Development and DevOps Veteran
Cloud Compass Computing, Inc.

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Program endorsements

Managing and securing identity information is one of the most challenging problems of the digital age. With the capacity to distribute the control of information and authority, blockchain technologies can rewrite the rules for identity management. Hyperledger Indy, Aries, and Ursa, are the building blocks our global community has developed to bring self-sovereign identity to market. Getting up to speed on these technologies through this professional certification program will help you shape the future on this important front.

Brian Behlendorf , Executive Director, Hyperledger

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Discounted price: $448.20
Pre-discounted price: $498USD
2 courses in 4 months
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