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About this course

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This course is an introduction to the world of relational databases. You will explore the fundamental concepts of relational databases and Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), learn about relational database design, and understand how to transform source data into tables with clearly defined relationships. From there, you will learn how to apply relational database design principles to your own data, and create databases, tables, and load data yourself. You’ll get an introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL) and use it to add the keys and constraints necessary in a relational database.

This course includes hands-on, practical exercises to help you demonstrate your learning. You will work with several industry standard relational databases, including IBM Db2, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Based on what you’ve learned through the course, you’ll complete a final project in which you’ll design, create, and populate a database instance containing multiple tables.

No prior knowledge of databases or programming is required.

What you'll learn

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The objective of this course is to provide you with a solid understanding of relational databases and Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS).

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe a relational database and explain relational database concepts.

  • Design the schema of a relational database.

  • Create database objects such as tables, keys, constraints, and views.

  • Load tables with data from .CSV files.

  • Demonstrate working knowledge of MySQL, PostgreSQL and IBM Db2.

Module 1 – Relational Database Concepts

  • Review of data fundamentals

  • Information and Data Models

  • Types of Relationships

  • Mapping Entities to Tables

  • Data Types

  • Relational Model ConceptsRelational Database Architectures and Usage Scenarios

  • Introduction to Relational Database Products

  • Db2

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

Module 2 – Using Relational Databases

  • Creating Tables

  • Loading Data

  • Exporting Data

  • Primary Keys and Foreign Keys

  • Overview of Indexes

  • Normalization

  • Relational Model Constraints

Module 3 – MySQL and PostgreSQL

  • Getting started with MySQL - architecture, design focus

  • Creating Databases and Tables in MySQL

  • Loading Data in MySQL

  • Using Keys and Constraints in MySQL

  • Getting started with PostgreSQL

  • Creating Databases and loading data into PostgreSQL

  • Views

Module 4 – Database Design Project

  • Approach to Database Design

  • Final Project

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Rav Ahuja
AI and Data Science Program Director

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