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Adobe Target helps businesses learn about their customers and personalize experiences at scale. Learn Adobe Target with courses powered by edX to expand your marketing expertise and boost your resume.

What is Adobe Target?

Adobe Target, a cloud software tool under the Adobe Experience Cloud umbrella, provides users with everything they need to tailor and personalize customer experiences. The AI-powered solution allows companies to run user experience (UX) tests, pinpoint which messaging is most successful, and automate personalized content at scale with the ultimate goal of maximizing engagement and increasing lead conversion.Footnote 1

Why is personalization important? Think about it this way: You receive an email from a company you love addressed to you by name. It includes a special offer on the exact product you’d been eyeing earlier. You’re much more likely to make a purchase as a result of this email than as a result of a generic email from a company you’ve never heard of that gives info about a product you don’t want or need. 

So, what does Adobe Target do? It helps companies personalize and optimize customer experiences in a variety of ways. Adobe Target A/B testing allows users to test out two versions of their website within a given period, and then the software reports which version converted more leads to customers. Multivariate (MV) testing shows different page element combinations to different users, so companies can identify their most successful elements. Experience targeting shows certain content to certain customers, based on company-set criteria. And those are just a few of the many Adobe Target features.Footnote 2

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Adobe Target course curriculum

An Adobe Target course will teach you how Adobe Target works, introduce you to the primary Adobe Target features, and explain why they matter when it comes to user experience. An introductory Adobe Target tutorial may cover how to:Footnote 3

  • Use the tool to create content and offers

  • Use the Visual Experience Composer (VEC) to run A/B and MV testing

  • Interpret results from testing and reports

An Adobe Target course may also introduce you to more general topics such as:

  • Marketing campaign strategies

  • User experience best practices

  • Creating optimization goals

Explore jobs that use Adobe Target

You may be wondering how to use Adobe Target in a professional role? Many different companies use Adobe Target to help improve user experience and gain more customers. A manager of digital experience oversees the user experience for a company’s websites or applications. They may learn Adobe Target, or work with an internal Adobe Target developer, to gather data on how their customers use and experience their platforms.Footnote 4

A manager of digital experience or Adobe Target developer will also use the platform to add elements of personalization to user experiences. Sometimes a company will bring in an Adobe Target consultant to help them best use the software to accomplish their personalization and business goals.Footnote 5

To perform these types of jobs, you’ll need to be well-versed in the platform itself. When working specifically with Adobe Target, it may be useful to earn an Adobe Target certification. The Adobe Target Business Practitioner certification can provide proof to potential employers or clients that you are well-versed in Adobe Target best practices and understand how to optimize applications.Footnote 5

However it can also be helpful to have more broad expertise in user experience concepts and data analytics. A bachelor's in computer science can provide a foundation for building relevant knowledge. But there are additional pathways to learn Adobe Target and other useful marketing tools. A UX/UI boot camp can introduce you to the fundamentals of how customers experience and interact with design elements of websites, apps, and other platforms. Meanwhile, a digital marketing boot camp or a data analytics boot camp can teach you how to collect and use data to help businesses make better decisions.

Explore the range of learning opportunities that edX offers, including boot camps, as well as bachelor's degree programs, and master's degree programs in fields such as computer science, marketing, and business. And get started on the learning journey that best aligns with your professional goals today.