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African Studies Courses

Learn African studies. Take an online African studies course with edX today to study Africa as well as African culture, geography, history, and more!

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Learn African Studies

Why study Africa?

African studies offers students a glimpse into what some consider to be the cradle of civilization. Although overlooked in much of modern history, Africa's great kingdoms and contributions to world civilization are without match. African history and African languages such as Swahili offer a rich tapestry of culture, and students who study it gain the chance to understand the very formation of civilization. 

The African continent is large, and it's challenging to pin it down. The study of Africa lays the foundations for understanding political science, public health, social sciences, and other interdisciplinary studies. It's a significant, often misunderstood part of the world and deserves a closer look. In fact, recent scholarship seeks to decolonize Africa studies to understand the African experience not through a western lens but the experience of Africans and the diaspora.

Explore Africa with edX

The edX platform offers a world-class education with convenient scheduling right from home. Students explore topics with a global cohort of like-minded peers and participate in courses developed by leading institutions in the field.

Students can participate in many of the courses for free for personal development, but students also have the choice of official credit for a fee. edX offers single courses, certifications, and even full degrees. Learners who aren't ready or don't need a full degree may also choose from one of many micro-degrees designed for quick mastery of a niche subject.

Africa courses and certifications

Democracy and Development: Perspectives from Africa from MITx offers a close look at democracy and the national restructuring of African countries. This development studies course explores the relationship between politics and development.

Conservation and Protected Areas Management from EPFLx explores conservation in a continent full of unique habitats and animal life. Learners will understand how conservation policies allow species to flourish and local conservation groups to rebuild after decades of challenges.

Decolonizing Evaluation from WitsX explores the effects of decolonization on evaluation practices and explores their application in the continent of Africa. Learners will explore how to develop better evaluation practices for the public sector and critique conclusions.

Seeing Africa from a new perspective

Whether focusing on African area studies, the Arabic influence on North Africa, or looking at countries such as Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, or South Africa, students can learn how the continent has influenced the modern world. Cities such as Cape Town are up and coming on the global stage, and Africa's economies are changing. Multidisciplinary studies offers a perspective different from classical, colonial-based African studies and edX hopes to provide students with a rich African studies program offerings.