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Learn Agile testing with online courses and programs

Development teams use Agile testing to facilitate continuous process improvement throughout the software development cycle. Learn Agile testing methodology with courses delivered through edX.

What is Agile testing?

Agile testing is a methodology used by DevOps teams to maintain focus on continuous process improvement. The method became more widely known shortly after the 2001 release of The Agile Manifesto — a collection of best practices from a group of software developers.Footnote 1

Developers rely on the Agile testing methodology to work in a flexible and collaborative manner and produce high-quality software programs. The Agile method emphasizes the following:

  • Early testing

  • Close collaboration

  • Iterative development method

  • Automation tools in testing

  • Continuous integration/Continuous delivery (CI/CD)

  • Embracing change

  • Transparency in development

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Agile testing course curriculum

For learners new to agile testing, introductory courses can provide an overview of Agile methodologies and steps, covering topics such as:

  • Principles of Agile software development

  • Popular methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, Lean)

  • The software development lifecycle

  • The Agile testing quadrants

  • Test-driven development cycles

Intermediate coursework on Agile methodologies may offer hands-on practice with lessons on:

  • Identifying and prioritizing testable features

  • Defining testing criteria

  • Implementing techniques for planning and strategy

  • Developing risk-based testing strategies

  • Using test automation

Advanced coursework may focus on project management, exploring how to lead teams using Agile testing, measure testing performance, and promote a culture of continuous quality improvement.

Expand your knowledge of Agile testing with edX. Learning options include accelerated boot camps, as well as comprehensive bachelor’s degree programs. For more advanced learners, pursuing a master's degree can help you advance your career or switch to a new one, while busy professionals in leadership positions may benefit from executive education courses

Explore Agile testing jobs

The Agile methodology in testing can be useful in several different job roles, including technical positions like software developers and leadership positions such as project managers. Roles that can benefit from knowledge of Agile methodologies include:

  • Quality assurance specialist: Ensures that products or services meet established quality standards; conducts tests and measures results against benchmarks.Footnote 2

  • Software developer: Writes, tests, and corrects segments of code that collectively tells software how to behave; may code new programs from scratch or with an existing program to ensure it maintains usability for end users. Footnote 3

  • Project manager: Plans, executes, and delivers IT projects, such as a new software program; manages resources and deals with stakeholders.Footnote 4

  • Automation engineer: Plans and implements effective automation that enables greater productivity; creates strategies, tests automation, and codes custom integrations.Footnote 5

  • Quality assurance manager: Oversees quality control activities within an organization, which can include quality in software development or in the broader use of technology for automation across the organization.Footnote 6

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